Worried that a Creative Title Will Hurt Your SEO?

I used to use very basic titles because I thought that they would help my SEO. They do help SEO, but they aren’t eye catching, if someone is just clicking through a feed.

Titles and SEO: You can have a creative title without hurting your SEO

However, I recently found a great free online tool to analyze my headline. That made me think about how boring mine have been. I want to have it all. I want to have a great title and good SEO.

Titles and SEO:

  • Sometimes I start with a SEO keyword in mind, but other times I write the post and then pick out the keyword later. However, once you’ve picked one, make sure you put it into you SEO checker. While you’re there, go ahead and stick the phrase at the beginning of your metadata, instead of relying on search engines to look at the first 156 characters.
    Titles and SEO
  • After I write my post, I use CoSchedule’s free headline analyzer to create the best title. These posts get way more clicks because “Worried that a Creative Title Will Hurt Your SEO?” gets more attention than “Titles and SEO.” Think about it. Which would you click?
    Titles and SEOYou can go to the headline analyzer and see how it scores your titles, plus how to improve your headline.
  • I make sure that I’ve worked my keyword in to the post a time or two. Putting it in a headline, like you see above it even more helpful.
  • For Pinterest purposes, I don’t necessarily make the title of my post match my graphic. I use the graphic to “get to the point,” when necessary. Sometimes the title and graphic can go together, but I’m showing an example of ones that don’t match today. However, today’s title with another line of text like, “here is how to make sure it won’t,” would have worked, too. I just make sure that “titles and SEO” show up in my Pinterest description. See below.
  • Make sure that your title of the graphic matches your SEO Keyword and take the time use fix the “Alt Text” because that is what will show up if someone pins the graphic. You can control the keywords for Pinterest and not rely on someone else writing the right keywords:
    Titles and SEO
  • Next up is changing the permalink for you post. I want my permalink to say “titles-and-seo” not “worried-that-a-creative-title…”
    Titles and SEO Permalink
  • Don’t forget to go back and change the titles or alt text for every image on the page.
  • Outbound links help you SEO, also, but make sure they are relevant to your post. For instance, I linked to the headline analyzer. Here, I am going to link to a post about how to write the best headlines, to give you a kickstart towards writing more eye catching titles.
  • If you’ve written about the topic before, you can easily link to your own posts, too.

That’s it! While I don’t have Titles and SEO showing up in the title of my post, my SEO checker is still showing green! I love the new flexibility in naming my posts!

Titles and SEO final results


If you are interested in trying a two week free trial of CoSchedule for your WordPress blog, to use in conjunction with your new headlines, you can use my referral code here.

Have you ever felt constrained by SEO to name your post a certain way? Even if it’s super boring?

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