Music Watch Saturday: Massive Catch Up

So, I’ve been really out of, musically speaking, recently. In fact just Thursday, I learned that one of my all time favorite bands, Fireworks, released a new album last week. Normally, I would have eagerly anticipating its release. I’m talking countdown app, y’all. I already preordered Needtobreathe’s new album, but they’ve been talking about its release at their shows for over a year at this point.

Music Watch

I’m under no illusions that anyone else really shares my taste in music, but I thought that I would peruse the website of my youth, and try to see what I’ve been missing out on. Maybe some of these bands will strike your fancy!

Without further ado, I am loving or looking forward to:

The Hold Steady, Teeth Dreams (March 25, 2014) [RIYL: Lucero, Drive-By Truckers, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists]

Fireworks, Oh, Common Life (March 25, 2014) [RIYL: The Wonder Years, Transit, A Loss For Words]

Manchester Orchestra, Cope (April 1, 2014) [RIYL: Brand New, All Get Out, Dear and the Headlights]

Needtobreathe, Rivers in the Wasteland (April 15. 2014) [RIYL: Good Music (seriously), Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors, Jon Foreman]

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The following projects are in the works:

Action Item, Full Length


Music News:

The Dangerous Summer broke up. I knew that. But reading it again, made me super sad. Oh, college days! I regret the few times that I missed seeing them in concert when I lived in DC.

Copeland is releasing new material! (Megan is super excited! She would probably kill me for posting her goth-sad outfit that she wore for Halloween after they broke up.)

Jonny Craig is not using drugs. Color me surprised!

Emery is crowdsourcing support for their new album because they want to own their own music! Good for them! They have a killer live show.

The Starting Line, which is my go-to summer music, is releasing a vinyl edition of Say It Like You Mean It. I would rather them just write some new, good songs.

New Music that I Found:

Tokyo Police Club, Forcefield

Firestarter, Forget the Past (May 14, 2014) These guys remind me a lot of old New Found Glory and why I fell in love with pop-punk. Ready for summer! [(RIYL: New Found Glory, The Starting Line, Blink 182]


What music are you looking forward to? Anything new that I should check out?
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