My Dogs Love this Amazing Alternative to Greenies

Do you care about your dog’s dental health? I’m always concerned about Rylie and Josie’s teeth, because I don’t want them to have to have full dental cleanings more often than necessary.

Alternatives to Greenies

February is National Pet Dental Month, which is near and dear to my heart. My childhood dog, Buddy, only has half of his teeth left! (I still think he’s quite a looker, but it makes it difficult for him to eat). Buddy was rescued after being starved in a basement for a prolonged time, so I’ve always wondered if malnutrition and neglect hurt him down the road.

I’ve tried giving Greenies to my dog Josie before, but she gulps them down way too quickly. I bought her the ones for larger dogs to slow her down, but then I was afraid that would upset her stomach. Even Rylie, who is much smaller and slower at eating, can chow down on a Greenie in just a matter of seconds, which makes me a little nervous. Actually, just last week, I gave Rylie a small Greenie under the covers (so Josie couldn’t see) and the two of them circled that area of the bed like vultures for hours. The kind of crazy way they act after they eat Greenies always makes me nervous, too.

I was so excited to try these Blue Buffalo Dental Chew because Blue Buffalo has an excellent reputation. I thought it was worth my dogs’ dental health to try another brand of dental chew.Alternatives to Greenies

The first thing that I noticed was that neither dog acted insane. Josie took it from my hand, but she didn’t swallow it. In fact, I tried to run after her with the camera to snap a picture, so she went outside to just sit and hold it in her mouth for a minute.

Alternatives to Greenies Alternatives to Greenies

This was Rylie’s second experience with the alternative to Greenies, Blue Buffalo Dental Chew. I had to coax her to take it, but I would rather that than the way the two of them would climb on the table to get lick and try to turn over a laundry basket that had Greenies in them.



(She doesn’t mind looking at the bag!)

Rylie took her time to break up the treat and eat it slowly, which was a relief.


Josie did the same thing!


(Kind of creepy…)

Overall, I have been happy that both dogs like the treats, but don’t go insane for them. They take the time to chew them, so I don’t have to worry about them not getting the effect or choking. Also, they don’t pester me for more. They’re quite happy with the one.

Also, when I used to give them the occasional Greenie, I had to separate the dogs because they would get crazy territorial. Josie only ran away because I had a camera, and she thought I was going to take her treat back. And, so far so good on tummy issues. Neither dog has especially sensitive stomachs, though. They don’t get many t-r-e-a-t-s (we have to spell it at the house because they DO know the word) and no people food.

After they finished the Blue Buffalo Dental Chews- minis – my husband and I had a little fun trying to make it look like they were going to attack the bag by placing a treat behind or beside the bag. So, here are just a few cute pictures!

IMG_4914 IMG_4917 IMG_4919

Thank you to for providing the product in exchange for an honest review! I can honestly say that as long as their stomachs stay ok, I will be ordering more!

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Overheard at My House: 10 Absurd Things We Say to Our Dogs

rylie & josie

1. After giving them a haircut at home: You are ugly, but I still love you.
2. After Rylie chewed a book: I knew for sure that you were adopted.
3. When they have “accidents” in the house: I am going to make you live outside forever.
4. When one dog whines for for a toy that I can’t reach, either: I like your sister better.
5. Who pooped on the ottoman?
6. When Josie goes in my closet, looking for clothes she can run away with: Josie, come out of the closet! [this is daily.]
7. Quit licking each other’s faces!
8. Stop growing, or I’ll stop feeding you.
9. Get out of my way. My TV show is more important than you.
10. How are you still sleepy? You sleep 22 hours a day.


Do you say crazy things to your pets?


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Shih Tzu Crazy: A Tribute to My Childhood Dog

It’s been awhile since I’ve featured my favorite Shih Tzus on the blog. Josie and Rylie mean the world to me. However, my love affair all started when I was in the 7th grade. My family rescued Molly, aka Miss Lala. If it wasn’t for her, I would not have rushed into having my first dog, Josie. Then, if Josie wasn’t so awesome, my husband wouldn’t have insisted on getting Shih Tzu number 2, Rylie.

IMG_0234 IMG_0238

These first two photos are of Molly from 2007, back in her glory days. She was 14 when she passed away last week. She had eye surgeries recently, along with going almost blind and deaf. She spent the majority of her last weeks at the vet with an IV because she was very dehydrated. Even then, she was still ruling my parents’ house. Molly ate when she wants to eat, went outside when she wants to go outside, and sat wherever she damn well pleased. And she managed to sleep 23 hours a day. Or so it seems.

This is my favorite recent photo, though, because it shows both generations of Shih Tzus, all sitting on my dad’s lap. My family rescued Buddy when I was a junior in high school. He doesn’t have many teeth left, but at 11, he’s going strong!


My heart aches when I think about the pain that Molly was in, and I miss her terribly. I know she had such a great life and has left a wonderful legacy. She reminds me that God blesses us with very good things, like pets. Any time that I’m upset, Josie, who normally is a little distant, gets right in my face and snuggles with me. She won’t leave until I stop crying. Maybe she doesn’t like loud noises, but I prefer to think that she’s comforting me.

And now, here are some of my favorite recent photos of Josie and Rylie, the two funniest little girls that I know.

016 030 019 014 012 016 018

How have your pets affected your life? You can leave a favorite picture of your pets in the comments! I would love to see them!

If you really like pictures of cute dogs, make sure to follow my instagram, where Josie and Rylie are featured quite prominently.

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Is My Human Pet Really a Shih Tzu?

Hey everyone! Josie and Rylie here! You may have seen our super cute pictures on the blog before. We love living with our mom and dad, but recently we have begin to suspect that our dad might really be a Shih Tzu, like us.





Josie: See, I come from a long line of awesome Shih Tzus. My mom loved Molly and Buddy, the original Maley Family Shih Tzus so much, that she bought me two years ago. We’ve been best friends ever since. Exactly one year to the day after she got me, my (now) dad asked her to be his girlfriend. I didn’t like him very much at first, because I liked being the love of my mom’s life. But, as time went on, I realized that this Brian guy might be the real deal.

Rylie: I didn’t get to join the fun until this January. I was born just a few days after my parents got married. I sure hope they give me my own birthday party and don’t combine it with their yucky anniversary party.

Anyway, we decided to do some research to see if this dad guy might be a Shih Tzu like us. We only know Molly and Buddy, but he seems to fit in with them pretty well.



Per the AKC, this is how a Shih Tzu should be:

As the sole purpose of the Shih Tzu is companion and house pet, he should be lively, alert, friendly and trusting towards all. He requires minimal exercise, but his long, luxurious coat needs daily brushing and maintenance.

That pretty much sums up our dad. He is lively, but sometimes not alert. My mom has to repeat things to get his attentions sometimes, but she has to do that with us even more. But that might be because we’re in charge (shh… she thinks she is). Our dad trusts everyone, except for us. He always makes us stay in the kitchen because he thinks we’ll go potty in the house. We’re not saying that his reasoning is unfounded, just that he doesn’t trust us. He definitely requires minimal exercise. Ever since he moved in with us and started eating healthy, he wasted away. He just started exercising, but he hates it as much as we hate walks.

Most importantly, our dad has a luxurious coat that needs daily brushing and maintenance. Our mom spends so much time putting dry shampoo and mousse in her hair, but it’s still yucky and flat. Our dad just uses conditioner and it looks beautiful. Even we’re jealous of that hair.

Rylie: My conclusion is that our dad is Shih Tzu. He says he wants to be one, but I think that’s his cover because he already is one.

Josie: Our dad is definitely a Shih Tzu. However, I’m the alpha dog and he’s part of my pack. He doesn’t like it, but he knows that it’s true.


2014-04-25 19.08.04


brian shih tzu 2

brian shih tzu

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Happy 2nd Anniversary, Josie!

Today I have had my beautiful Josie for two years ago. It’s been two years since I picked up a tiny little puppy and took her back to DC, kept her there for a week, moved her to Birmingham for 6 weeks, and finally settled here in the suburb of Charlotte.




josie 2

It has been two years of hilarious laughs, snuggles, and fun games!

Josie has been my best friend for two years now! I could certainly fill pages and pages of funny pictures of her. She’s cute and funny. Now she likes to sleep a lot more, but she is certainly more energetic that we have a puppy in a house!

On a side note, baby Josie is staying with my parents while Rylie recovers from “getting fixed.” It’s hard to be away from her, especially because I legit threw her a party last year. I wanted to do the same again this year!

What’s the craziest thing that you’ve done for your pets?

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First Haircut: Shih Tzu Grooming

So, my husband and I decided that we would our puppy her very first haircut–ourselves. We thought grooming a puppy that hasn’t been traumatized by grooming yet would be a better start than on the other dog, Josie. Once, Josie was so wiggly that the poor groomer couldn’t cut her front legs and she looked like a Clydesdale for 2 months.


As you can see, she was overjoyed at the thought:



Twenty minutes later, however, she was not as overjoyed. I used Scardy Scissors. We weren’t sure which size guard to use, so we used a bigger one first, then really went for the kill with a shorter one.




The results:



Oh, but seriously, she ended up pretty cute!

Untitled design (1)

Jade and Oak
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Another Snow Day

Puppy Fun

I couldn’t not share this adorable video of my new puppy playing in the most snow she’s ever seen–and the most that I’ve seen in at least 10 years!



Link Part for Pet Lovers!

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Shih Tzu Loving


My husband and I have two Shih Tzus. I grew up with them, so as soon as I broke free of my one bedroom condo in Washington DC, moved to the South, and got a yard, I go my precious Josie!


A few weeks ago, my husband and I added this little rascal, Rylie, to the mix:


Well, the point of this post is to talk about the first picture! I bought the custom Shih Tzu sign, which reads “It’s not a home without Fur-Kids (heart) Josie & Rylie.” I had the sign made and then framed it as a Valentine’s Day gift to my husband, from the whole family! The wonderful creation was made by the Etsy shop Sincerely, ally. I found her shop through Groopdealz (a favorite place of mine to get jewelry and accessories).

I knew that I wanted the sign because it was so cute and customizable, but when I read that 10% of the profits from that sale would go to local animal shelters, I was even more happy to buy it!

If you are looking for a deal, her Facebook page shows when she is participating with websites like Groopdealz, Bellechic, etc!


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Snow Day & Early Post!

Snow Day!

I could resist writing about this beautiful snow day. It was a bit of a surprise to be honest! I got up, went to work, and two hours later they told us to go home! I saw several wrecks on my way home, and the drive was slow.

I’m glad to be home, though, in my pajamas and listening to music! Plans for the day include making hot chocolate, watching Veronica Mars, and listening to an audiobook. I may hop on the treadmill for 30 minutes to fulfill my GymPact pact with myself. Five more days for the pact, and I’ve committed to four workouts!

Snow Days are really so much better as adults–unless you’re a teacher. The unplanned day off that confines me to the house forces me to relax and take care of myself, which is not a strong point of mine!

It’s been really fun to see our puppy enjoy her first snow and the (almost) two year old avoid the snow like it is a flesh-eating bacteria! My husband and I even took a few fun pictures of the snow.

snow day

Do you really want me to touch this?

snow day

Yay! I love this stuff!


 snow day

I do have to say that the highlight of the day so far, though, is seeing our puppy getting her head stuck in her toy. Like every loving mom, I had to snap a few pictures before setting her free 🙂

IMG_1654 IMG_1656

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