I’m Not That Serious

I know that sometimes my writing is a little heavy. Being sick will do that to you. And when I try to publish funny posts, they don’t always go over well. Sometimes they fail. Like epic fails. Hashtag worthy fails.

In real life, I’m fairly irreverent. I am silly. I am sarcastic. I love a good joke. I minored in practical jokes in college. I also, would like to take a moment to assert my innocence in the infamous glitter prank of 2009. I had no prior knowledge and would have tried to stop it.



Guys, I’m not that serious.

1. I have fallen out of my chair at work, not on purpose. I don’t even know how it happens, but it’s happened at least twice. People might be laughing with me or at me. I’m not sure.


2. I will say whatever I think. #nofilter

oh please

3. Don’t make me angry. I will take out my frustration with extreme sarcasm. Then never talk to you again. I guess that’s serious. Maybe just irreverent.


4. My husband and I frequently make the most ridiculous jokes. They usually involve making fun of our dogs. Or imitating them because we’re mature. If anyone saw us… well, actually, my brother’s friend is staying with us right now and this is probably how he feels:

i don't know how to respond to that

5. Sometimes I don’t feel like talking, so I replace my words with animal sounds. My husband has learned to pick up on what they mean. It’s like telepathy or something.


6. Last weekend, I found a flying monkey thing in my parents’ garage. I threw it at Brian and scared him. Then I did it again and he got a little mad. But, I wished that I’d taken a video, so I did a third time, just to get it on video.

7. Sometimes I get really excited. Like really excited. I talk very fast and very loudly.

i don't know what we're yelling about

8. I have foot in mouth syndrome, in addition to everything else. Unfortunately, there are no viable treatment options at the moment.



9. Sometimes I take a funny conversation with a friend and randomly send them a self created meme out of the blue, via text. Then they curse me for making them bust out laughing at work.

you can have whatever you want


bacon-brothers 2


This is how we prop up ice packs at our house… with a chewstick:

2014-08-02 20.28.16
2014-05-23 08.46.32 2014-05-16 14.51.43


hi joe

I guess the moral of this post is that I’m not that serious. Being sick can drain the fun out of you. It limits the topics that I can write about because my life is consumed with things like showing up for two doctors appointments on the wrong days or at the wrong time in a single week, organizing all of my medical documents, and generally figuring out what might be wrong with some new symptoms.

I don’t want to be Debbie Downer everyday, and I realize that some of the more fun aspects of my personality don’t translate well on the blog.

2014-07-18 13.08.49

2014-07-31 12.59.48

Follow me on Instagram & Twitter to read and see the other side of me. I promise it’s not as depressing. It’s filled with cute Shih Tzus, coffee, and ridiculous comments. #takeyourpottywithyou, Kaitlin.



Dearest Love
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Summer Songs That You Need to Hear

I thought that I would share some of my favorite summer songs! Some (probably most) will be new to you, but I threw in a few classics! Enjoy! {Click “Sweet Summertime” to pull up the Spotify Playlist!}


Sweet Summertime {In Spotify Version}

Sweet Summertime {Web Browser Version}

Sixpence None The Richer – Kiss Me
Semisonic – F.N.T.
Andrew Ripp – It’s All Good
Fall Out Boy – Alone Together
New Found Glory – Hit Or Miss
Cartel – Honestly
Matchbox Twenty – 3 am – Remastered Version
Hootie & The Blowfish – Only Wanna Be With You
Fall Out Boy – Chicago Is So Two Years Ago
Ben Rector – Let the Good Times Roll
Nathan Angelo – Love Sucks
Graham Colton Band – Cigarette

What are your favorite summer songs? Do you like any of those?


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Lazy Saturday Mornings

When I say that this morning has been lazy, I mean that it’s been non-productive.

I woke up with a super bad headache and neck ache… at 5 AM. 5 AM is not my favorite time on Saturday mornings. It’s not my favorite time, ever, to be truthful. Props to anyone who gets up that early.

I desperately wanted an ice pack, but I didn’t want to disturb our sleeping dogs. Especially because going to get the ice pack would mean that I would have to let them outside before I could use it. Once I decided to suck it up and do it, much to my dismay, I found our adorable little puppy who got fixed yesterday had removed her own collar/cone. I was so upset, because I know that she probably licked her incision, which could cause an infection.

poor rylie

Now that I’ve iced, taken some medication, and am sipping coffee, I feel a lot better. Soon, though I have to get ready to go visit my grandma! I know that tomorrow is technically Mother’s Days, but Brian and I already have a couple of commitments on Sundays, so we just can’t fit it all in.

Aside from bringing my grandma the typical flowers (I went with a potted plant this year), chocolate, a card, and gracing her with my presence, we’re also going to finally get to get rid of 10 bags of dirt. And when I say dirt, I mean like clay from where Brian built his raised garden bed.



The bags of dirt are actually a kind of funny story. See, Brian hauled about 14 very heavy bags of dirt to the curb, along with the rest of our trash, on fine Monday morning. He was dismayed to find out that the garbage company only took the regular trash. But, I mean, that was a ton of heavy dirt. So, Brian put the bags of trash in front of where he parks his car, so the neighbors couldn’t see it. From that point on, he just put two bags of dirt with the rest of our trash and that worked fine–until the day his car wasn’t there to hide the rest of the bags.

He came home to find that his dirt was still there, along with a nice note from the garbage people:

2014-05-08 14.05.08


So, now that this misunderstanding has been cleared up, we’re going to dump it in the woods at my grandparents’ house. Who say that we can’t multitask?!

Alright, I’m seriously going to go put some rollers in my hair and pick out a dress. This is happening soon. Like after I hit publish. Maybe.

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10 Signs That You’ve Been at Home Too Long

I’ve been stuck at home recently. My neck is revolting against my body.

The first week wasn’t so bad because I could venture about with some strong medication in my system.

The second week was even okay because I started reading books and listening to audiobooks. Magazines were still interesting. I could even stand a TV show or two.

10 signs 2

This week is driving me insane. Maybe I’m just insane? But, I think it’s the houseboundness.

10 Signs That You’ve Been at Home Too Long

  1. You have listened to so many audiobooks that Audible is awarding you every badge they have–even though you don’t really understand Audible’s badges. (The picture below is a gross misrepresentation of my audible addiction. Since I got a new phone and an iPad, it erased all of my previous achievements).
  2. Your normally-almost-full DVR is getting empty.
  3. Your dogs used to be cute. You took 3.8 million photos of their cuteness for two weeks. Now they’re just annoying.
  4. You look at Pinterest, get hungry from all the photos of food, and only find vegetables and slimfasts in your fridge. No cookie dough filled cupcakes for you!
    no cookie dough
  5. You’ve emailed/texted/called every friend you have. Then you realize that the number is dwindling because you’re stuck at home. You have nothing to talk about! Well, other than that super awesome blog post you read…
  6. You’ve stopped brushing your hair. Why brush it, if only those annoying dogs will see it?
    bad hair
  7. Pajamas are perfectly acceptable clothing for several days at a time. Yeah, they’re cute, so why not wear them everyday, like a cartoon character?

    pajamasThese look like real clothes, and you cannot convince me otherwise.
  8. Your acne is clearing up because you aren’t wearing makeup, so you can finally apply that medication “as directed.”
  9. You notice things about your house that normally wouldn’t bug you, but since you’ve been staring at the same wall all day, you can’t stand how the paint isn’t exactly even at the top!
  10. You start to wonder if crazy people can know that they’re crazy…

Bonus: You obsess about the weather because you always want it to be nice enough to sit in the backyard whenever you feel ok.


Ok, I expect everyone to leave the house now!

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5 Things You Don’t Know About Me!

1. I consider myself a true South Carolinian.

I was born in the North and spent my childhood in Northern Kentucky, but I consider myself to be from South Carolina

My mom was born and raised in South Carolina. My parents were living in Maryland for my dad’s job when I was born. We spent 11 years in a suburb of Cincinnati, but after moving to South Carolina during high school (kicking and screaming, of course),  I have come to realize that there is nowhere else I would rather live. I did the whole Northern Virginia/DC thing for a bit, but it wasn’t for me.

south carolina flag


2.  I was on the dance team in middle school.

We had a Pom routine and a Jazz routine. I took some dance lessons, but I was a really slow learner when it came to memorizing the routines. I was fine with our two regular routines, but when I went to dance clinics and we were supposed to learn quickly, it was not pretty!

Pictures have survived, but they are buried deep in boxes at my parents’ house!


3. I chose my college major within one month of college–and it wasn’t what I ever expected.

When I was a senior in high school, I opted out of taking AP English (which I did take my junior year), because I said I would never major in English. I figured that I wouldn’t waste my fun senior year working on extra AP projects.  Obviously, I did not realize how important writing is in every career.

When I went to college, I thought that I would be a political science major and go to law school. I was ready to start studying for the LSAT from day one. Well, day negative one. On day one, I showed up for Dr. Thompson’s 8 AM English 110 class. It was then that I decided that 4 more years was probably enough.

After the first paper that I turned in for Dr. Thompson’s class, he asked me to be an English major. I couldn’t see why not, so I did it!

Graduation morning with my English Major roommate!

Graduation morning with my English Major roommate!


4. I met and married my husband in less than a year.

When you know, you know!


5. I love a good dance party.

When I need to get my 10,000 steps a day in, I have a special playlist for dancing. I can get the last thousand in pretty quickly and it’s fun! My friends even named my signature move after me in college.

dance edit

Getting ready to break it down in 2010!

dancing 2

Wedding reception dancing 2011!


Christmas party dancing in 2012.

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