Stitch Fix {Vol. 5}

I really loved my December Stitch Fix box. I kept the whole thing! So, I had my next box come a little sooner than my normal every other month. I only kept one thing from that box.
Stitch Fix (2)

After having a box come again so soon, I decided to push my next box (this one) off until the Spring weather. I’m glad that I waited. I also did a few things a little differently. [Forgive the really bad pictures. I am definitely not a fashion photographer!.]

  • I updated my size info. I noted at the bottom that stretchy skirts, like the maxi skirts that I would want, would need to be a size smaller. My medications are making me lose weight, so I’m back into old clothes, but I wasn’t ready to commit to a whole size smaller in my shirts on my size chart. Plus, I like comfy clothes?
  • On the main style page, I mentioned that my skin tone looks terrible in solid white, but good in yellow, since I didn’t sign up until last fall. I wanted to make sure I didn’t get any solid white shirts.
  • I completely filled out my style note with the colors I wanted, the items that I didn’t want (no more scarves, no shorts, etc.) and what I did want.
  • Finally I filled out my Stitch Fix Pinterest board with tons of outfits and just clothing that I liked. If I was on a clothing website and saw something I liked, I would just hit the Pinterest extension on my toolbar.

Here is what I received:

Bancroft: Shermineh Spiked Crescent Necklace ($28)



I really loved the arrow-like pendant necklace that I received two boxes ago. I wore it frequently throughout the colder weather with winter clothes. In fact, the day that this box arrived, I almost wore it, but it didn’t look right with my outfit, which felt more springy. I did mention that I prefer pendent necklaces, but this necklace is hardly any different than the one that I already have. If I could wear the arrow one, I could wear this. I kind of wanted something more delicate or with color.

Market & Sprice: Mati French Terry V-Neck Top ($48)

yellow shirt

I specifically asked for yellow, so it was nice to receive it. I’ve noticed that it’s in style this season, which is fortunate for me because I look good in it! This shirt is long and soft, which are both nice for me! Since I am kind of in between sizes, it was just a little bit large. It looked nice with a pair of plazzo pants and a solid navy maxi skirt, both of which I already had.

Brixon Ivy: Priya Abstract Floral Print Knit Back Tank ($48)

tank top

Again, this was just a little bit big. I’m not a huge fan of my arms, either, so I would need to wear it under a sweater. And, if I keep losing weight, it would only start to fall off during the summer. I really love the print of the front, though.

Loveappella: Woodland Scoop Neck Tee ($48)

front of shirt

back of shirtThis shirt was absolutely falling off of me. I could have wear it with some jean capris for the Spring, if I put a tank top under it – kind of like a tunic. I loved the color. However, the back is a little different… Stripes across my rear. However, I couldn’t see the shirt transitioning to the summer because it would totally cover up shorts.

Renee C: Gabe Maxi Skirt ($48)


My favorite part about Stitch Fix is that it does get me to try on clothes that I normally would not touch or try on. Like, over the winter, I got my favorite pair of jeans and a pair of skinny navy blue corduroy pants, both of which I would have passed right over at the store. I ended up wearing them a ton! Also, when I see horizontally striped skirts, I definitely never even consider them. I go straight for solids – and if the skirt only comes in a stripe, I wonder what is wrong with the people who made it and move on.

But, in the name of being a good sport, I try on everything that comes in my box. I was pleasantly surprised that this skirt was very flattering. I had even mentioned in my profile that my maxi skirts would need to be sized down, which they did. (I specifically pinned a ton of maxi skirts and asked for one because that fits my lifestyle the best right now). A larger size would not have been good! I was standing in the sunny part of my bedroom, though, and noticed that due to the light color, I could see right through it…


Kept: Market & Sprice: Mati French Terry V-Neck Top

yellow shirt

The next time, I would like to see the jewelry look more like the jewelry that I pinned on my board. However, I am sure it has to do with whatever they have in inventory, though. By my next box, in June, I would like to be more firmly in a size, so the clothes fit better. Over the winter, I kept a super cute tank, which I’ve worn under a cardigan, but was planning on wearing this summer. I hope it’s not lay flat to dry (I can’t remember…), so I can shrink it!

I know some people complain that the clothes are overpriced. I would not disagree for many of the items. However, one advantage is that when I schedule it for the start of a season, I find myself looking at clothes online/in the store, but waiting to purchase until after I see what I get in my box, in case something really awesome comes in it. Then, whatever I was looking at is usually on sale by the time I get my box, or if I’m not still interested, then I’ve saved myself from buying something I don’t love.

Also, I love the time that I was able to keep my whole box because everything in it was perfect, but if I find one thing, I think that’s successful. It’s just really fun to get the box and the yellow shirt that I kept is versatile, fits my lifestyle, and is not something that I’ve seen in stores (at least the ones that I shop at). I think Stitch Fix really nailed my lifestyle with this box, which they haven’t always done (like my last box), but even if everything fit perfectly, I just didn’t need each of the pieces!

If you’re interested in trying it out, you can use my referral link here! Don’t forget to fill out everything in your style profile and make your Pinterest board. I dabbled at it during the winter, but it was very generic. I tried to really fill it up this time and the stylist even mentioned it in her note. The only thing I would change would be more delicate jewelry for the spring!

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Thank You for Not Being Another Subscription

PopBasic Review
i tried popbasic

Last week, I received a box from PopBasic’s Felicity collection.

PopBasic releases a new microcollection of clothes and accessories each month, but they aren’t a subscription service! You can order any collection that is in stock at any time. I’ve tried so many subscription services, and they are either terrible, a pain to cancel by phone, or they’re a gamble because if you don’t keep anything, you may be stuck paying a $20 styling fee, if you’re like me, you buy something that’s just okay, in order to not waste the $20.

A look back through previous collections shows that most of their micro collections are quite basic. So, on one hand, you can dress them up or down. The collections with shirts would be verstile. However, some of the collections are so basic, like a white t-shirt, striped & lightweight scarf, and basic white clutch that you would probably already own similar items or create the look at half the price from other stores. Yet, other collections contain unique dresses (with pockets!) or very beautiful jewelry. So, some collections are definitely more impressive and look like a better value than others. But, since it is not a subscription, you can pick and chose whatever outfit you want.



My box contained a long, but not quite maxi-length dress, a necklace, and a bracelet. Normally, I would not buy a thin, clingy, long dress because I like outfits that provide more definition. The necklace was unique, but not very high quality. I’m afraid that a few wears will tangle it beyond repair and that it will tarnish within a year. The bracelet, similarly, wasn’t anything to write home about.

IMG_4706 IMG_4705

I did appreciate that the outfit came with a style card, so I could picture it with clothes that I already owned. I doubt that I’ll ever wear a floppy hat or wear this kind of dress in a season where I could wear sandals, though.



I was pleased, though, when I tried the outfit on as a whole and styled it with my own cardigan and boots. I couldn’t find it (oops, need to clean), but I think my black belt would also help to provide definition, if I wore it under the cardigan.



The dress is a little shapeless and long. Maybe I should have ordered a size down, so it would have been a little shorter. I would rather wear it as a long tunic over leggings with boots, to be honest.


Due to the length on me, I really need heels to make my legs longer. Unfortunately I have this yucky arch problem, so all of my beautiful heels and boots are going to waste right now. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to wear them for short periods by next year, but right now, I pretty much wear tennis shoes or moccasins with custom orthotics. It makes dressing up really difficult. But, if I was going to wear the outfit, that’s how I would style it!

Overall, the packaging was cute and I like the concept, but the quality of this particular box was pretty low. It wasn’t even good costume-type jewelry, plus the dress was very thin. I would be interested in trying future boxes – maybe something more my style – but I don’t want to drop that kind of cash on something that I’m unsure about, especially quality-wise.

If you want an email reminder to check out preview their outfit each month, you can sign up here (with my referral link).

Disclaimer: Popbasic provided me with a complimentary box. The decision to review and opinions are all my own.


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Stitch Fix {Vol. 4}

So, I received my fourth Stitch Fix box last week. Last time I kept my entire box! I accidently threw away the price sheet (sorry!) before I got a chance to write this, but here’s what I got!

Stitch Fix (1)

Stitch Fix

The Contents:


I’ve seen these necklaces everywhere, but I never thought to even try one on. I do usually love long necklaces, instead of short ones.


These black skinnies were super cute, but I bought a pair from Old Navy back in September. I wear them pretty infrequently, so I definitely didn’t need a second pair.


This shirt was pretty to look at, but I am not a huge fan of super short sleeves. This shirt would be great under a cardigan, though.


This shirt had a great fit. It reminded me a lot of the red plaid shirt from my first box that I absolutely love. I wear it all of the time. Unfortunately, the pattern on this is really similar to a dress that I kept from my last fix. Also, I remember that it was more expensive than I thought it was worth.


This is my kind of cardigan! It was a little on the large size, but I don’t mind that is a cardigan like that. The color was nice. The fabric was also lightweight with POCKETS. I was in love at first look.

I Kept:

The last cardigan, of course, and the gold necklace. Think I’ll get a ton of use out of the cardigan, plus the necklace should match all of the gold stud earrings that I normally wear. It will be nice to put on a necklace because it’ll make me look like I’m trying with my clothes, even though it is very difficult on me. So, it’s a small gesture that goes a long way towards making me looking better.

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Le Tote: A Very Honest Review

An honest review of a bad experience with Le Tote. Be aware before you subscribe!


This is entirely my own experience and opinion. You are free to spend your money however you choose.

While I always give an honest review of all products that I receive in exchange for a review, (see my Keurig review with which many people disagreed–even though I was reviewing the 2.0, but they were only familiar with the first version) this review is not in exchange for anything. After reading glowing reviews of Le Tote, I decided to try it out for myself.

So, after finding a 50% off coupon, I decided to give it a whirl. A second reason for doing an independent review of the service is that all of the reviews that I saw only included pictures of one or two pieces mixed with the reviewers’ own clothes. No one ever gives a comprehensive review of an entire month’s worth of clothing.

Since this is a product that I don’t believe in–unless they make a lot of changes for to their business model–there won’t be any referral links in this post.

This post is just review of my month of totes, general concept of the business, and the customer service.

If you aren’t familiar with Le Tote, they have been described as the Netflix of clothes. When you sign up, you are given the opportunity to “like” any and all of the clothes and accessories that they offer. These items will make up your “closet,” and give the stylists an idea of what you like. You get to fill out a short questionnaire about what you like and don’t like, but it is not very thorough. And the totes you receive are not guaranteed to include any of the items that you have liked. Additionally, there is no way to exclude items that you would never wear, like dresses.


Customer Service: B+
They were thorough, but unable to follow through, but likely due to the business model. They tried their hardest, but I honestly don’t want to have to be in contact with a company that much. I also found their email address to be unprofessional. I know it’s picky, but every email I got was from, therefore, the sender would show up as just “hi” in my inbox. It wasn’t even capitalized. By the end of my experience, I knew that I was probably going to be texting a rant to my husband everytime “hi” showed up on my phone. And the emails were never ending!

Clothing: D
Choices were plentiful, but I found out that the supply was not. The actual clothes were fairly low quality. I could pick up (and keep) two dresses at a discount store for the amount I would pay at full price for a month’s worth of totes. And those dresses would be a lot higher in quality. And a savvy shopper can easily pick up the basic tanks that they love to send in January for a fraction of the price.

Shipping: F
At first, I thought the shipping was going to be great because they shipped packages with 2 day shipping. The next bag was sent when the current one was scanned by the post office, however, even though I never wore a single piece, I never received more than 1 bag in a week. Sometimes I received them even less frequently. See all the details of the delays below.

Overall Experience: D-
They don’t get an F because I got a refund after an excessive amount of emailing with customer service. I wasn’t always the one who initiated contact, either. They did notice that I rated all of the items very low and tried to find out what I liked. You can read below why I think that email should never have been needed.

First Tote:

first tote

I forgot to snap a picture of the EXTREMELY wrinkled maroon sweater dress that was made from a lay flat to dry dress that I was uncomfortable about ironing without ruining.

The first tote took 6 days to arrive. When I contacted customer service, they kindly added a week to my month because that was unusual for shipment to take that long.

The only two items in my tote that I asked for were the necklace and earrings. Unfortunately, the necklace turned out to be a choker! A choker! The first and last time I wore one of those was 8th grade.


I didn’t select any dresses on the website, yet they sent me two. Neither dress was high quality, either. When I tried them on, I figured that the black dress would be work appropriate and that the maroon dress would work as a party dress, if I put a ton of work into dressing it up because it was very plain. The length made it less of a meet-your-friend-for-coffee dress and more of a dinner date dress. The point of the tote is to mix and match what you already have with the tote, but when the dress would require tons of work, I’m not very interested, unless I have a special occasion. The black dress also turned out to be work inappropriate. It looks nice on the hanger, but even a blazer couldn’t add class to it. Le Tote told me that I could let them know if I have a special event coming up, so they could send a party dress then. I did not have a special event coming up. I think that most people would have a hard time incorporating a party dress into their wardrobe on a weekly basis.

I was very disappointed because my “closet” contained only casual tops and cardigans. Considering that the bag was at least supposed to be based on my selections, the two dresses and dressy top were not anything that I would wear.

Personally, I thought that Le Tote would be a great way to spice up my wardrobe, but the only way to get the most for my money would be to receive pieces that I can wear. I would be especially pleased to get pieces that I can wear together, like a blouse and cardigan.

In my frustration, I reviewed the selections again, when hindsight is 20/20. They really only offer clothes in black, gray, and the “color of the year,” maroon aka Marsala.

not sure interested

Total Items Worn: ZERO

One cool feature, though, that they use to maximize turn around time on returned totes and shipping totes is that as soon as my prepaid envelope from my returned (unworn) clothes was picked up by the mail and scanned was that they immediately shipped out the next bag! That’s a lot better than when I used to use Netflix DVDs! Unfortunately, USPS was super, super slow and I didn’t get my tote for many days.

Second Tote:

I couldn’t even bring myself to take a picture of this horrendous tote. I had higher hopes for this second tote because the first one was so horrible (see: choker).

second tote crop

I had to use the screenshot, so that you can see how highly inappropriate that middle bottom dress is. In fact, the dress is even trashier in person. I didn’t think I could take a picture that would do it justice. Really, I can’t imagine anywhere that I could wear it before 1 AM, and only under extreme intoxication. Again, the only items that they sent from my “closet” were accessories. While the necklace and earrings are cute, I decided to send the tote back immediately, with the hope the the third bag wouldn’t be quite so horrendous.

I mean, the two tank tops could have been ok under blazers, but as far as my agenda for the week, a comfortable sweater would be way more appropriate for my activities. Again, I only put those types of clothes in my “closet.” I was starting to get the impression that my “closet” is a joke. I hate that I spent a lot of time clicking on things that I liked and not only did I not receive any of those clothes out of two totes, I didn’t receive anything remotely close.

want it now

Total Items Worn: Zero

Again, Le Tote did show a strength in customer service. I emailed them about the above wrinkled dress, so that’s why they provided an extra piece in this bag. They also noticed that I clicked “dislike” on every item that they had sent. So, their email asked what types of items that I did like, so they could pass that on to their stylist. I asked them what the point of clicking “like” on 32 clothing items in my “closet,” since I thought that would be consulted by the stylist. Since the closet seems to be not consulted, I did provide them with a brief outline of my days and the fact that I need comfortable and casual clothes (which I clicked on… for that closet thing…). Also, apparently you need to put 50 items in your closet. If you do sign up, send them an email with more details about what you want because their questionnaire is insufficient to provide that kind of information. Or their stylists lack the critical thinking ability to look at what liked and figure out what you want.

Third Tote:

Oh wow. So, instead of just sending me a tote, Le Tote sent me an email with a link to customize my next tote, since I was so displeased with my last two totes. [Everything but the jewelry was rated “disliked.] I got pretty excited because I had “liked” a ton of shirts and cardigans that I would love to wear. Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed when I went to customize the bag. There was one sweater that I liked and two pieces of jewelry that I liked, but I ended up switching them to a necklace and earrings that matched each other.

The other two pieces in the tote were definitely wrong for me. A long skirt that wasn’t a maxi skirt, but almost ankle length. You would definitely need high heels for that type of skirt, but with my arch injury, high heels were out of the question. The other piece was a skimpy tank top. So, when I saw that I could pick from any category, my mood lifted a little. Then, I realized that there was only 1 available cardigan, no pants, no jackets, and no sweaters. NO sweaters. It was December 30! But there were an excessive number of tank tops. There was even an available romper. That’s cool. I like rompers in January. #not

le tote sucks 1 le tote sucks 2

Again, the available dresses were more appropriate for working as an escort, a tropical vacation, or Vegas. I’m not planning on any of those, so… I tried to pick out an outfit (more time delay), but then I got an email from Le Tote saying that one of the items that I picked was unavailable (SURPRISE!). So, another time delay. When the bag finally shipped, several days after returning my bag, it took a long time to get here. I ended up with this trash:

le tote sucks 3

The sweater was ok. The dress was not appropriate for my lifestyle because I can’t wear shoes that go with it because of my arch problems. The tank top was not worth the hassle.

At that point, I emailed Le Tote and asked to cancel my account. I could not tolerate another email exchange with them. All of the delays in shipment due to lack of stock, the horrible clothes that I returned immediately, etc, all ended up with me getting 3 totes over a period of around 4 weeks, even though I didn’t wear a single piece that they sent me. I had anticipated getting a bag a week, if I wore the clothes. Since each bag was returned immediately, I should have had way more bags. I didn’t want to be charged for a second month, so I decided not to bother with getting boxes and returning them. Plus, I just wanted to scream every time I got an email from them.

Fortunately, they offered me a refund due to my dissatisfaction. I do think that was only fair because they couldn’t send me anything wearable.

Total Items Worn: ZERO


Final Thoughts:

After my partial month’s worth of totes, I cannot believe that absolutely every person who has tried it has had a perfect experience. Customer Loyalty tried to tell me that my experience was a fluke. I’m going to call bull shit here. Search “Le Tote Sponsored” and you’ll see that the positive reviews come up for pages because Le Tote has been sponsoring posts, so they pop up first. In fact, I would be so surprised if many of them have halfway decent experiences. I guess it’s a good experience if they provide you bags for free. So, since I couldn’t find a negative review before trying the service, I tried it. I did read non sponsored posts by bloggers that I trust who gave good reviews, but those women actually received clothing that they could wear. Some people who comment on my blog posted good, non-sponsored reviews. Their very first boxes were mixes of casual and dressy. I am disgusted by the fact that my first three totes (all) were complete wastes. That’s time of my membership lost by clothes that were cheaply made and non-wearable. If I had been paying full price for just 4 weeks, I would have been livid.

[Please note that I did an EXHAUSTIVE search on Google looking for a negative or even neutral review of Le Tote. I couldn’t find one bad word about Le Tote because only bloggers singing the praises of the service came up for page after page. But, after my experience, I reread some of these posts–I noticed that they were only wearing a black tank from Le Tote with their own clothing items, etc. The nice parts of the items were not Le Tote’s. You can buy basic clothing items for much less than the cost of a membership.]

I spent more time talking to their customer service than I would have cared to. I wanted to fight for getting the best experience possible, but I took the time to look through all of the clothes, pick the ones that I liked, and took the style quiz. I don’t understand why a “stylist” couldn’t look at that. Do they hire people with no critical thinking skills or do they only use a computer to send the clothes out? When I let the company know that the clothes weren’t what I asked for, they said that they can’t always give me what is in my closet. Yet, customer retention wanted to know what styles I liked, so they could pass that on to my stylist. It just boggles my mind that I picked 35 items that were similar and they sent two whole bags of clothes that were trashy and flimsy. Customer retention asked if I wanted work or play clothes. That seems like a question that should have been asked up front! Before I got TWO bags. Maybe they could put it in the initial style questionnaire. My husband joked that if they thought those were work clothes, they needed to reassess what work would look like for most people. He’s the one that thought they looked like hooker clothes, actually.

Really, it’s just dishonest to take people’s money upfront if they don’t have inventory to come close to providing the types of clothes that people want. They should probably reinstate the waiting list that they used to have. If they can only send tank tops and short dresses in January, don’t talk to me about how your inventory is different than a normal store. I get that, but make sure that you have enough on hand to accommodate your customers. What sending me summer clothes in December says to me is that they want to take my money and give me summer clothes because they already sent out all of the winter clothes.

Le Tote is for you if…

You frequently need a cocktail dress.
You don’t own any basic clothing items. They really only have black, grey, and maroon–so, if you want color, you have to supply it.
You love to wear high heels. All of the dresses and skirts require fancy shoes. It would be difficult to dress the dresses down.

Le Tote is not for you if…

You want to receive items you like.
You want to try items that are trendy, but you don’t want buy. They won’t have it in stock.
You already own basic black shirts.

So, Tom Haverford, if you ever open up Rent-a-Swag, give me a call. You’d do a better job!

rent a swag 2 rent a swag

If you want to complain that my experience was different than the current service, please read the entire review. In fact, I given the option to pick my own bag. My complaint is that they knowingly took my money when the inventory was too sparse to justify another customer.

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Stitch Fix 3: What Did I Keep?

 IMG_4602A shirt from my first box that I wear a lot!

Stitch Fix

I love seeing what other people get and keep! I’ve found that I like to guess what people keep/return when they post their final verdicts at the end of the post, although, I think that my descriptions will probably give away which I kept.

Kut From the Kloth: Jonathan Corduroy Skinny Pant ($48)


These pants are why I love Stitch Fix. Normally, if I saw a pair of “skinny” corduroy pants at the store, I would never touch them. Not only did these fit like a dream, the stylist wrote in the note that they would match a plaid blouse that I kept from my first Stitch Fix, which they did (see above).

Le Sample: Kahlo Embroidered Solid Tank ($38)


I was a little surprised that they sent me a summer tank top in December. In the pamphlet that shows ways to style this shirt, it shows it with denim shorts and jeans–both with sandals. During the summer, this is my favorite style of tank. It is extremely flattering. It could be styled with a flowy black cardigan and jeans, though. I did a quick internet search as I was writing this post, to read more about this brand, etc. The only references to this brand and tank were in other blogger’s references to Stitch Fix. It’s interesting that they sent this tank to another person last March–so they must not really care about the seasons!

Renee C: Timmy Graphic Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse ($34)


This blouse seemed a little spring-y for December, again, but it’s definitely my style. The only thing that I didn’t love was that it was tight around the bust and the slit down the front goes down pretty far. I would have to wear another shirt under it.

Gilli: Anwen Short Sleeve Ikat Print Faux Wrap Dress ($38)


Normally, I would run the other way when I see a wrap dress. Again, the large bust problem. Again, the beauty of a stylist sending something–I had to try it on–and it was extremely flattering. The short sleeves are not so short that they highlight unperfectly toned arms, yet I could wear this all summer. The material is thick enough to be worn in the winter with a cardigan, but thin enough to be worn alone in the summer because the v-neck is also a v-back! Normally, I would buy a solid black dress, but I like this print. Also, the a-line bottom is flattering and the top actually goes up high enough that I wouldn’t have to wear another shirt under it. (*Woot Woot*)

Bay to Baubles: Florence Laser Cut Leaf Earrings ($28)

IMG_4584When I was younger, I loved large earrings. Over the years, though, I’ve started wearing studs only because the heavy earrings hurt my ears after an hour or two. These laser cut earrings are so light and thin (plus, I love gold).

So, what did I keep?

I kept IT ALL! This is my first time keeping the entire box. My last box was completely overpriced and low in quality. The sweater looked like something I could pick up on clearance on at TJ Maxx. Pretty much the entire box, minus the jeans, looked like that. When I reviewed the items that they sent me, I told them just that. So, this box was higher in quality and much lower in price–both things that I like! And, by keeping it all, I saved 25%!

I plan on wearing the black and white dress, along with a dark green cardigan and a matching necklace that my husband got me for Christmas to a wedding next weekend!


If you want to try it out, you can use my referral link to sign up and give it a try! I like that they are offering different frequencies now. You can get a box every 2-3 weeks, every month, or every other month. I signed up for once a month, but you can move your shipment date, so I had my November box at the beginning of that month, but moved my December box to the end of December, because I knew that I was going to be purchasing some other clothes that I needed for some specific events.


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My Second Stichfix: What Did I Keep?

So, I loved my first Stitchfix. I ended up keeping a wonderful plaid tunic that I am still looking for more of at the stores and a long gray sweater. I have worn both of them a lot. I did ask for no more horizontally striped clothes, though. Due to the turn around time, I didn’t get a chance to snap photos last time. This time I did!

Stitchfix #2

Kalliope Open Front Swing Cardigan  – $78


I liked the swingy feel of the cardigan, like the name says, but honestly, I have many black cardigans of varying length. This item was just something that I could pick up at Steinmart or TJ Maxx for a quarter of the price.

Result: Returned

Ziegler Ribbed Edge Infinity Scarf – $38



I do like this scarf, but I have a burgundy infinity scarf that is almost an exact match.

Result: Returned.

Celine Textured Colorblock Blouse – $58 004

This shirt was definitely cute, but I have a ton of cute shirts.

Result: Returned.

Mollee Dolman Sleeve Striped Dress – $74


Well, I did ask for no more horizontally striped clothes, especially when they are Dolman sleeved. The dress wasn’t horrible, but I have tons of comfortable dresses that are far more flattering.

Result: Returned.

Denna Skinny Jeans – $78
006I’ll admit it. I am a LAZY jean shopper. When my jeans stop fitting, I stop wearing them. But, I don’t get new ones. I just switch to dresses, leggings, or even JEAN leggings. Jean leggings do better with my weight fluctuations. When I first saw these, I didn’t think there was a chance that I would keep them, but I tried them on. Wow. They fit like the best jeans that I’ve ever had. Actually, right now they’re my only real denim jeans. They look great with flats, boots, and pretty much all of my shoes. I can sit comfortably, but they don’t stretch out too much. Normally, I wouldn’t spend this much on jeans, but if they’re my only/most worn pair, I thought it would be worth it.

Result: Kept!

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