Fitbit: Moving on for More Endurance


So, I went on a short trip to New Orleans before Christmas this year. However, the stress of packing, flying, and getting to the hotel was painful. So, by the time we walked a little over half a mile to the tourist area of the city, even my abs were on fire!

My in-laws have a timeshare and are letting us use the one in NYC this spring. This is a trip of a lifetime for me. However, I don’t want to ruin my next trip by crying when the restaurant for dinner is too far away. I want to see everything there that I want to see. I only saw a fraction of what I wanted to see in New Orleans because I needed to lay down. I was able to see my old friend, take a tour around Jackson Square, and go out for a fancy dinner. I missed getting to ride on the trolley, I didn’t get to go where the locals listen to jazz, I didn’t get to stay up late.

While my next trip is a few month away, I decided to go slowly and build up my stamina. If you want to be my friend on Fitbit, add – I love to see what other people are doing! I started with 100 steps my first day and I’ve added at least 100 steps each day. One day, I got close to 2k steps, when we went out to dinner and saw a movie, but another night, after a poor night of sleep I may only hit 500 steps. As of writing, my goal for today is a solid 500 steps. If I add 100 steps each day, by Sunday, January the 29, I should be walking 1400 steps a day.

My goal is to show myself grace–if I get up to 2k steps a day, but fall back to 500 steps, I won’t push myself to get right back to 2k. As long as I build endurance, I am winning.

In 2014, I used a Jawbone while I was working, and it helped me lose 30+ pounds! This time I just want to build up my core muscles and leg muscles. I wouldn’t mind dropping a few pounds.

And to get everything kicked off, I bought a new pair of running (aka WALKING) shoes and Superfeet inserts. I had been using the green inserts, but the people at Fleet Feet were super helpful and found inserts with the same support but they weren’t as thick, so I didn’t come sliding out of my shoes. If you aren’t familiar with Superfeet inserts, they are amazing. The green ones have the highest arch support.

asics dynaflyte womens

They shoes are NOT my favorite colors. I mean, what’s up with alllllll the crazy colors at the running store? However, I love the lightweight shoes. They make it super easy to have the support that I need.

fitbit alta

I ended up with the purple FitBit Alta. However, I’m not loving the purple band. If you have a Fitbit Alta, have you gotten replacement bands? Has anyone gotten the really big gold plated cuff? I’m thinking about it… I would just like something that looks nicer and doesn’t capture dirt within a week. I happened to have a purple manicure when I purchased this, but I don’t want to be stuck with the same nail polish color.

gold cuff

So, as I write this, I’m far behind in my goal of 500 steps for today. So, I am going to hop off and get ready to accompany my husband to one of those office stores to get a new chair in order to get steps tonight!

Leave me your tips on getting in steps when you literally have nowhere to go (don’t have a job, don’t have many reasons to leave the house, etc.), add me as a friend on Fitbit by looking me up via email, and if you have any NYC travel tips, I’ll take those, too! Especially, I don’t want to dress like a tourist, but I need to stay cool and keep my arches supported. Shorts and Adias sneakers? Dresses and Adias sneakers?

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