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Bad Blogger Update (1)
So, I haven’t really been blogging. I haven’t been using Co-Schedule for Twitter. I haven’t been reading much, either. However, I do love to snap a photo, so I’ve been keeping up on Instagram. So, don’t forget to follow along! Since I’ve been away, I thought that I would do a little round-up.

I know that it seems like I take a long break and do this a lot, but this where my health has left me right now. I sincerely miss the day of having so many post ideas, photos ready, and posts planned for each day. I miss sharing my feelings and ideas. I miss reading posts. I miss editing photos. I miss being inspired. I hope this “coffee date” round up will suffice until I can blog regularly again!



At the beginning of the month, I went to Texas for a Cervical Dystonia conference. It was amazing! My husband learned how to tape my neck, which relieves a significant amount of pain, I connected with a ton of wonderful people, and finally, I got to visit with my dear, dear friend from college, and her husband (also a college friend) and her kids!


I didn’t get to read as much as I wanted to read. I finished watching all of Angel and started several other TV shows. I keep running out. I’m going to have to watch Gilmore Girls soon! Right now, I’m watching the wildly historically inaccurate Reign.


Before I started binge watching TV, I read the rest of the A Royal Spyness series. I think I am sensing a pattern!

royal spyness 2 royal spyness 1

Fall Frolic

Brian and I went to the Fall Frolic at our church. It hurt to get dressed and cleaned up, but it was worth it. I didn’t get to curl my hair, but the ponytail worked!



I tried to take up coloring after I read that it was meditative and I hate sitting still. However, when I was younger, I hated coloring. I think it was because it hurt my hands. It hurt hands terribly this time, too. I had cramping and numbness within minutes, but it was addicting and fun. I have to set timers to make sure that I don’t hurt myself! Once I start something, I don’t quit!

IMG_9569 IMG_9574


I picked up these nicer pencils in hope that they would ease my pain!

Fall is Here!


We made s’mores!


I updated the table for fall!


South Carolina in the fall.


My painting. Thank goodness for some man muscle!


And the Fall foliage in North Carolina on the way to my doctor’s appointment.


I got some fun stickers for my planner!


We went to a deli and they stamped this as “paid.” I had to laugh a lot.

Fall Fashion/Some Selfies:

Well, I haven’t had my husband take any photos recently, so I had to take a some selfies. My favorite thing about the weather getting cooler is wearing Fall clothing! Vests, fuzzy socks, and leggings, oh my! It’s kind of funny because I don’t dress up often.


Pardon the boxes in the back, but this sweater is THE BEST. It is an open, handkerchief-like cardigan, but you can button each side and close it up, making it look more dressy. It also has thumb-holes, which you can never beat. It’s made by Cuddl Duds, which I always associated with my mom’s long underwear growing up, so I was really happy with with purchase. It’s lightweight and amazing for layering. It also feels great with my plaid “jogger” pajama pants that you can just see at the bottom of the picture!


This vest is my new favorite vest! I picked up a few this year, since I’ve lost such a substantial amount of weight that I went down three pants sizes… This one from Lands End is my favorite. It’s the perfect weight. I’m not sure why I chose pink, since I don’t own a ton of pink, but I think it will compliment all my other clothing well!


My husband and I are showing off our shoes! These are some new favorites that I picked up. I always gravitate towards flats, but with my arch problems, something with a little bit of heel actually does a better job. As long as I won’t be doing a ton of standing or walking, these are supportive and stylish!


This is the ultimate selfie. I did my hair one afternoon (I was trying to decide if I needed to get a haircut) before we went to our community group at church, but it turned out ok. So, I think I’ll let it grow for now! I like that I can get a real ponytail for my endless PT.


This picture is a bit messy, like the rest of my life, but I had to share this fun and cozy sweater. It’s not as heavy as it looks (it’s from the Junior’s dept. so the weave is open and not super great), but it works. I figure that it’ll work for the season or two that I need it!

Finally, this necklace was my favorite find of all. It’s a necklace that symbolizes a lot to me.


Snapseed IMG_9559

Baby Molly passed away in August of last year, and I miss her every time I see a photo of her, but I also love her because without her, I never would have gotten my silly little ones!


IMG_9624 FullSizeRender (2)

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