I Increased My Twitter Followers by 30% In 45 Days

Ok, so I know I wrote a post about moderation in social media/what I learned from my social media break. I still believe that. I will be writing more about the topic of social media and the role it plays in my life, but as a blogger, I can’t get around the role that it plays in my blog. Twitter, especially.


I was always a little scared of Twitter. I didn’t create one until almost a month after I created a blog. Recently, I decided that it was probably an under-utilized networking and promotion tool (for me!). So, I made a few changes, put in a little more time, and saw some fast results. This isn’t like a humblebrag. I’m sharing these tips because if I did it, you can do it, too.

At the time of publication, 12 days after writing, my following continued to grow, and I continued to engage with my audience.


If you are already a Twitter Professional, then this probably is old information for you. However, I would always see people who were doing great at Twitter, or so I thought, but I didn’t know how to get there. I also did math for you guys. I am not saying that this is sustainable – like I’ll grow by 30% every 1.5 months forever, but as time passes, the followers that I do have will probably become more engaged followers and a better community, so to speak, on Twitter.

Honestly, I don’t know how I started with 631 followers on January 14, 2015, when I signed up for CoSchedule. I probably relied heavily on past giveaways, which I sparingly participate in now. At the time of drafting this/doing the math – yes I had to Google basic Algebra to find percentage change! – I found that between January 14 and March 1, I increased my following by 29.95%, so 30%!

In a month in a half of engaging on Twitter:

  • I had 30% more followers
  • 9.3% of my sessions (per Google Analytics) came from Twitter.
    >>>The month and a half prior to starting to CoSchedule and changing a few habits that I’ll talk about below, I only got 3.12% of my sessions from Twitter.
  • Sometime in the last month and a half, I also added a custom bit.ly link for my blog to my Twitter page to track how many people were coming straight to my homepage after finding me on Twitter instead of just clicking a link to a post. I’ve had 50 hits, which I would guess were potentially 50 new readers. (You’ll see why this is important later!)

The Tools I Used:

If you want to help people help you, check out my post on adjusting your sharing settings!

What I Did:

  • I always schedule promotions for my own post through CoSchedule.
  • As I read through Bloglovin, I use CoSchedule and Buffer to share the posts that I like. I try to spread the love around. You can read my CoSchedule tutorial here to see how I share posts WITH pictures. The statistics vary, but Tweets with pictures get more clicks.
  • Hashtags! Put hashtags that fit the posts that you are sharing, so that they will be found by new people.
  • Retweet people: I use Buffer to fill it up with retweets. So, I don’t overwhelm someone’s feed, but I do get someone else out there. I don’t like to do “RT @soandso blah blah blah” because it usually doesn’t fit, plus it shows some else’s name and face out there.
  • I searched hashtags that were relevant to my blog, so that I could retweet the authors of the posts or find the posts/articles and use CoSchedule to share them with a photo. I mostly used Buffer to space them out at intervals.
  • Share posts, articles, pictures, jokes, or thoughts related to the content that you publish.
    >>> For instance, I write a lot about books, health, and blogging. Find out what hashtags (you can Google or search around Twitter) and see what hashtags get the most attention. While “dystonia” might be the most descriptive hashtag, #spoonies reaches a lot more people. Therefore, I use that. However, you can change the hashtags if you share something more than once.
    >>> The people who find articles through hashtags might not be reading my blog, but they start to follow me when they see that I’m sharing information that they’re interested in reading.
    >>> The custom bit.ly link lets me see that if people start following me, they are clicking my blog’s homepage. That lets me differentiate between who is clicking posts that I share of my own or who is newly checking me out.
  • Twitter Parties/Chats. I read this post about How to Win at Twitter Parties, which gave me the boost to try them out. I don’t always get new followers or anything, but I do make new connections!
  • Get on Twitter! I find using my phone a little bit hard, unless I’m just scrolling through and making a quick reply to someone. Otherwise, I wait until I’m on my laptop. Sometimes I get into some pretty funny conversations that introduce me to some new people.

Other Tips:

  • Use an app to track followers. I don’t use it to track unfollowers, but rather, sometimes I have lots of conversations with a person without realizing that I’m not following them back! I don’t automatically follow people back (because some variation of Mark Twain follows me every single week). But, it lets me make sure I’m following along with Twitter friends.

Exciting News!

Twitter chats hosted by your’s truly are coming your way!

Right now, I’m working on hosting a chat about co-morbid physical and emotional illnesses with a mental health advocate. Eventually, I will be hosting chats on all sorts of chronic illness topics in order to connect advocates who have blogs with patients. There is nothing to stop a patient with a Twitter account from being an advocate.

I write a lot about health topics, but the majority of comments come from people who aren’t sick, if I get comments. However, the posts are being read. Since I started using Twitter more, though, I’ve found that people who don’t blog are more likely to reach out to me on Twitter. It’s inspirational because I feel like giving up a lot.

The reason that I like using Twitter a lot more now is that I’m finding blogs that I like, people who inspire me, and an unreached group of people: non-blogging chronically ill.

Anyway, I’m excited to use social media for good! I’ll let you know when the Twitter chats are starting. You can follow along and get news by following me on Twitter.

Also, what is your preferred time or day for a Twitter chat? I would like to hit as many time zones as possible!

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  • All great tips!

    • Thanks, Cassie! I consider you a Twitter professional 🙂

      Sarah – Seriously, Sarah?Blog / Bloglovin / Twitter / Facebook / InstagramSubject: Re: Comment on I Increased My Twitter Followers by 30% In 45 Days

  • this is so interesting – i’m not gonna lie, twitter is the most under used form of social media for me. i feel like it moves so fast, i can’t keep up unless i’m on it all day! or maybe i’m just old, lol.

    • I barely touched Twitter for a year. Like I would auto-tweet my new post every morning at 8. That was it. Then I started getting on to interact and just jump into conversations with bloggers that I liked. Then I started retweeting and sharing. Using CoSchedule prompted me to share my own posts more often, but now I can space out sharing posts from other people.I really like how it’s helped me build relationships with bloggers outside of just the comments sections. I do try to keep it pulled up on my laptop or something, if I’m using it at home, check it when I’m always at the doctors’ office, etc. I just like favorite tweets and when I get back home, I pull them up on my laptop and look at them and decide if I want to share them!It made me feel really old, too. If you want to feel old, get on Tumblr. Your head will EXPLODE.Subject: Re: Comment on I Increased My Twitter Followers by 30% In 45 Days

  • GORGEOUS. Like seriously EVERYONE complains about the way Twitter is… And I’m a firm believer that it feels SO VAST in all the features and people and ways to use it. BUT, this is the perfect way to break it down to bite-sized steps for people to incorporate one little piece at a time. 🙂

    • Thank you! When Twitter came out, my friends and I made fun of it so much. But, like you said, so many people from so many walks of life use it. It’s great for reaching all types of people with your own posts, but also just good information. Especially, since I want to share relevant health information and build relationships with other bloggers outside of the comments section!Subject: Re: Comment on I Increased My Twitter Followers by 30% In 45 Days

  • Great suggestions!!! I need to learn how to do this better, and I love how helpful your blogging posts are. 🙂

    • Thanks! Yeah, my number one tip that I give to new blogger is to share anything they like, plus share anything that is similar to their own content (and add hashtags). CoSchedule/Buffer let you automate the process and add pictures (while spreading them out), but Hootsuite is a good text only option! Sharing other bloggers builds relationships, plus sharing the similar content with hashtags (consistently) has brought in a lot of new followers and readers!Subject: Re: Comment on I Increased My Twitter Followers by 30% In 45 Days

  • these are fantastic suggestions!! so well put my dear!

    • Thanks! I hope they’ll be helpful! I love the automation, plus the freedom to check it whenever I want :)Subject: Re: Comment on I Increased My Twitter Followers by 30% In 45 Days

  • That is so awesome you grew your following so fast! I admit that although I love Twitter, I don’t use it to its full potential for gaining followers, which I’m okay with, but I’m sure these tips will be helpful to someone looking to expand 🙂 Happy Friday!

    • I definitely don’t think that the numbers will keep growing at the same rate, but once I starred using it more, I realized that I had SO many non-blogger readers who were sharing, reading, and now I even interact with them. I guess since they don’t blog, they don’t ever think to comment on the blog, so I had no idea. So, now I actually learn from them!

  • Twitter is the one social network where it has grown for me I haven’t really known how to make it a community and grow it more. I don’t want just numbers, I want interaction. That is what you do so well. This post gave me some wonderful ideas that I really need to start doing every day. I’m good at having conversations but I really need to work on the sharing/retweeting of others. That and Twitter chats if I can find some when I’m not at work! Thanks for the wonderful tips Sarah 🙂

    • I hope these will help! I keep trying to interact as much as possible. I always respond and try to jump into conversations. I can’t follow everyone back because some of them are definitely spam accounts, so I try to be discerning. I’m still trying to figure that one out…