5 Easy and Small Changes to Make Your Blog Better

As a blogger and avid blog reader, I’ve noticed a few things that are missing from even the best blogs.

Better Blog: 5 Easy & Small Changes to Make Your Blog Better {And Easier to Share!}

At first, I thought that there was a reason for things that I thought were “common sense” to be missing. Since the bloggers were much more experienced than me, I asked them about some of these things. Guess what. They hadn’t thought of it! There are so many things that go into creating a blog – past just writing posts – so even the best bloggers miss a thing or two.

I thought that I would share a few common mistakes that are easy to change because I find myself sending a quick email to a friend to remind her to that she might want to make that change. Now, I’ll just send a link 😉

Most of these tips have to do with enhancing your blog to make it easier for current readers to share or new readers to catch up! Feel free to leave your tips in the comments!

5 Easy and Small Changes for a Better Blog:

  • Add sharing buttons. There are tons and tons of ones to chose from, depending upon what platform you use, but you really need them.
  • Adjust the settings of the sharing buttons. I can’t count how many times I go to share a post through Twitter and it says “via @sharethis.” Then, I have to track down the blogger’s Twitter account, so I can give them the appropriate credit. So, I am less likely to share, especially if it is a lot of work to find your handle (see the social media button tips below!)

You can even adjust the “Tweet This” plug-in setting (I figured that out while I was writing this post!) to include your handle, too! I notice that feature is missing on a lot of people’s “Tweet This” sentences, too.

  • Since people are visual, try having a “start here” page that has your favorite posts with images (all the same size and shape) or place images that link to your favorite posts on your sidebar. These get the most clicks, especially from new visitors.
    **If people are interested, I can write a post about how I made my sidebar pictures that link to my favorite posts on my WordPress blog**
  • Keep your front page “about me” that’s under your picture short, sweet, and unique. Liking coffee isn’t unique – tell me why you blog, what you blog about, or why you show up to your blog day after day! Don’t forget to link to your longer “about me” page!
  • Finally, don’t forget to have your social media buttons at the top of your sidebar, under your picture! People may want to track you down on Twitter (like when I want to share you posts), follow you on IG (because I think you take fantastic pictures), or stalk you on Goodreads (because I love books and think you have good taste). Just make sure those buttons are there!

What easy tips would you give a new (or experienced) blogger to make their blog more easy to share or navigate? What kinds of things do you run into a lot, but wish people would fix? (Like how I wish people would not have via @sharethis)


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