My Dogs Love this Amazing Alternative to Greenies

Do you care about your dog’s dental health? I’m always concerned about Rylie and Josie’s teeth, because I don’t want them to have to have full dental cleanings more often than necessary.

Alternatives to Greenies

February is National Pet Dental Month, which is near and dear to my heart. My childhood dog, Buddy, only has half of his teeth left! (I still think he’s quite a looker, but it makes it difficult for him to eat). Buddy was rescued after being starved in a basement for a prolonged time, so I’ve always wondered if malnutrition and neglect hurt him down the road.

I’ve tried giving Greenies to my dog Josie before, but she gulps them down way too quickly. I bought her the ones for larger dogs to slow her down, but then I was afraid that would upset her stomach. Even Rylie, who is much smaller and slower at eating, can chow down on a Greenie in just a matter of seconds, which makes me a little nervous. Actually, just last week, I gave Rylie a small Greenie under the covers (so Josie couldn’t see) and the two of them circled that area of the bed like vultures for hours. The kind of crazy way they act after they eat Greenies always makes me nervous, too.

I was so excited to try these Blue Buffalo Dental Chew because Blue Buffalo has an excellent reputation. I thought it was worth my dogs’ dental health to try another brand of dental chew.Alternatives to Greenies

The first thing that I noticed was that neither dog acted insane. Josie took it from my hand, but she didn’t swallow it. In fact, I tried to run after her with the camera to snap a picture, so she went outside to just sit and hold it in her mouth for a minute.

Alternatives to Greenies Alternatives to Greenies

This was Rylie’s second experience with the alternative to Greenies, Blue Buffalo Dental Chew. I had to coax her to take it, but I would rather that than the way the two of them would climb on the table to get lick and try to turn over a laundry basket that had Greenies in them.



(She doesn’t mind looking at the bag!)

Rylie took her time to break up the treat and eat it slowly, which was a relief.


Josie did the same thing!


(Kind of creepy…)

Overall, I have been happy that both dogs like the treats, but don’t go insane for them. They take the time to chew them, so I don’t have to worry about them not getting the effect or choking. Also, they don’t pester me for more. They’re quite happy with the one.

Also, when I used to give them the occasional Greenie, I had to separate the dogs because they would get crazy territorial. Josie only ran away because I had a camera, and she thought I was going to take her treat back. And, so far so good on tummy issues. Neither dog has especially sensitive stomachs, though. They don’t get many t-r-e-a-t-s (we have to spell it at the house because they DO know the word) and no people food.

After they finished the Blue Buffalo Dental Chews- minis – my husband and I had a little fun trying to make it look like they were going to attack the bag by placing a treat behind or beside the bag. So, here are just a few cute pictures!

IMG_4914 IMG_4917 IMG_4919

Thank you to for providing the product in exchange for an honest review! I can honestly say that as long as their stomachs stay ok, I will be ordering more!

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