How to Make Amazing Candy Coffee

I accidentally created a candy flavored coffee in December. In fact, I have a picture of my mistake because I was tagged in a #WIDN Instagram post, so I took a picture as I was doing it.

Candy Coffee: How To Make Mounds Flavored Coffee

At the time, I was testing out the Keurig 2.0, which I reviewed here. I made a mocha coffee and was intending to put some peppermint mocha creamer in it! It was going to be a very Christmas coffee. What I didn’t realize, as I snapped that picture, was that I had picked up the coconut creamer!

I was so mad at myself to wasting two K Cups (because I drink a lot of coffee), but I decided to try a sip of it. A-Mazing. Wow. Loved it. I realized that it tasted like Mounds coffee.



Since I don’t use the K Cups much, I realized that there was a slightly less expensive way to recreate my new favorite flavored coffee!

IMG_4674 IMG_4678 IMG_4680


So, here is how I make the coffee now, but you can easily make it with the K Cup. In fact, when both my husband and I were sick, so my husband was drinking hot tea like it was going out of style, and I was way too tired to lift the coffee pot, but needed caffeine, I used the mocha K Cups.


  1. Begin by making a mocha coffee, either with a K Cup, flavored coffee, or plain coffee with chocolate syrups.

  2. Add coconut creamer and any extra sweetener to taste.

  3. Stir and enjoy!

What’s your favorite flavored coffee?


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  • oh man. I saw your title on my bloglovin’ feed and thought to myself, “Don’t click, Em! This is so dangerous!” and of course I had to read it. I’m addicted to anything and everything coconut so I WILL be trying this. Thank you!! 🙂

    • I did the same thing! But now I HAVE to try it.

    • Me too! My husband hates coconut, so when we get free desserts or things that are coconut (or candy samplers), I get ALL OF THEM.

      • Lucky girl! Christian loves coconut as much as I do so we’re constantly fighting over it 😉

  • I tried that cafe mocha kcup while I was visiting a friend of mine! They are really good! But, I’ve got an old fashioned coffee maker, so I make a lot of my own drinks. This combo sounds pretty tasty!

    • It is! I don’t use the K Cups (especially because it takes 2 K Cups for enough coffee for me), but the syrup is perfect. It doesn’t take much because otherwise it is overpowering. I’m thinking of picking up some Amaretto Syrup and making it an Almond Joy coffee!

      • Oh, you’ll love that! I used to work at a coffee house and we had several people who ordered it. 🙂

        *~ Victoria*

  • This sounds amazing!! I will definitely be trying this!! Coconut creamer is my absolute fave!

  • It is dangerously delicious!

  • I love you for this! I’m always looking for new (inexpensive) ways to change up my regular Folgers. This sounds SO good, and I haven’t tried the coconut creamer. Which is surprising because I love coconuts.

    • If you like coconut things, the creamer is great. Just a touch of the chocolate makes it amazing!!!

  • I try to just fill the bottom of the cup with a quarter of an inch or less (depending on how tall the mug is) at first because too much syrup ruins it and then as you try to get the ratio right, you end up with a bowl of coffee! Then, I would say to err on the side of more sweetener and creamer. Then, you can slowly add more chocolate syrup until you find what you like.I kind of do it by feel now. I know that I made if for my mom once and she liked it ok, but the next time I did the ratios just right and she thought it was the best thing ever. So, start slowly and add! 🙂 I hope that helps! I use all different sized mugs, too, depending on how much I want. Some of my mugs are tall, some are wide, like you said, it varies!

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