Le Tote: A Very Honest Review

An honest review of a bad experience with Le Tote. Be aware before you subscribe!


This is entirely my own experience and opinion. You are free to spend your money however you choose.

While I always give an honest review of all products that I receive in exchange for a review, (see my Keurig review with which many people disagreed–even though I was reviewing the 2.0, but they were only familiar with the first version) this review is not in exchange for anything. After reading glowing reviews of Le Tote, I decided to try it out for myself.

So, after finding a 50% off coupon, I decided to give it a whirl. A second reason for doing an independent review of the service is that all of the reviews that I saw only included pictures of one or two pieces mixed with the reviewers’ own clothes. No one ever gives a comprehensive review of an entire month’s worth of clothing.

Since this is a product that I don’t believe in–unless they make a lot of changes for to their business model–there won’t be any referral links in this post.

This post is just review of my month of totes, general concept of the business, and the customer service.

If you aren’t familiar with Le Tote, they have been described as the Netflix of clothes. When you sign up, you are given the opportunity to “like” any and all of the clothes and accessories that they offer. These items will make up your “closet,” and give the stylists an idea of what you like. You get to fill out a short questionnaire about what you like and don’t like, but it is not very thorough. And the totes you receive are not guaranteed to include any of the items that you have liked. Additionally, there is no way to exclude items that you would never wear, like dresses.


Customer Service: B+
They were thorough, but unable to follow through, but likely due to the business model. They tried their hardest, but I honestly don’t want to have to be in contact with a company that much. I also found their email address to be unprofessional. I know it’s picky, but every email I got was from hi@letote.com, therefore, the sender would show up as just “hi” in my inbox. It wasn’t even capitalized. By the end of my experience, I knew that I was probably going to be texting a rant to my husband everytime “hi” showed up on my phone. And the emails were never ending!

Clothing: D
Choices were plentiful, but I found out that the supply was not. The actual clothes were fairly low quality. I could pick up (and keep) two dresses at a discount store for the amount I would pay at full price for a month’s worth of totes. And those dresses would be a lot higher in quality. And a savvy shopper can easily pick up the basic tanks that they love to send in January for a fraction of the price.

Shipping: F
At first, I thought the shipping was going to be great because they shipped packages with 2 day shipping. The next bag was sent when the current one was scanned by the post office, however, even though I never wore a single piece, I never received more than 1 bag in a week. Sometimes I received them even less frequently. See all the details of the delays below.

Overall Experience: D-
They don’t get an F because I got a refund after an excessive amount of emailing with customer service. I wasn’t always the one who initiated contact, either. They did notice that I rated all of the items very low and tried to find out what I liked. You can read below why I think that email should never have been needed.

First Tote:

first tote

I forgot to snap a picture of the EXTREMELY wrinkled maroon sweater dress that was made from a lay flat to dry dress that I was uncomfortable about ironing without ruining.

The first tote took 6 days to arrive. When I contacted customer service, they kindly added a week to my month because that was unusual for shipment to take that long.

The only two items in my tote that I asked for were the necklace and earrings. Unfortunately, the necklace turned out to be a choker! A choker! The first and last time I wore one of those was 8th grade.


I didn’t select any dresses on the website, yet they sent me two. Neither dress was high quality, either. When I tried them on, I figured that the black dress would be work appropriate and that the maroon dress would work as a party dress, if I put a ton of work into dressing it up because it was very plain. The length made it less of a meet-your-friend-for-coffee dress and more of a dinner date dress. The point of the tote is to mix and match what you already have with the tote, but when the dress would require tons of work, I’m not very interested, unless I have a special occasion. The black dress also turned out to be work inappropriate. It looks nice on the hanger, but even a blazer couldn’t add class to it. Le Tote told me that I could let them know if I have a special event coming up, so they could send a party dress then. I did not have a special event coming up. I think that most people would have a hard time incorporating a party dress into their wardrobe on a weekly basis.

I was very disappointed because my “closet” contained only casual tops and cardigans. Considering that the bag was at least supposed to be based on my selections, the two dresses and dressy top were not anything that I would wear.

Personally, I thought that Le Tote would be a great way to spice up my wardrobe, but the only way to get the most for my money would be to receive pieces that I can wear. I would be especially pleased to get pieces that I can wear together, like a blouse and cardigan.

In my frustration, I reviewed the selections again, when hindsight is 20/20. They really only offer clothes in black, gray, and the “color of the year,” maroon aka Marsala.

not sure interested

Total Items Worn: ZERO

One cool feature, though, that they use to maximize turn around time on returned totes and shipping totes is that as soon as my prepaid envelope from my returned (unworn) clothes was picked up by the mail and scanned was that they immediately shipped out the next bag! That’s a lot better than when I used to use Netflix DVDs! Unfortunately, USPS was super, super slow and I didn’t get my tote for many days.

Second Tote:

I couldn’t even bring myself to take a picture of this horrendous tote. I had higher hopes for this second tote because the first one was so horrible (see: choker).

second tote crop

I had to use the screenshot, so that you can see how highly inappropriate that middle bottom dress is. In fact, the dress is even trashier in person. I didn’t think I could take a picture that would do it justice. Really, I can’t imagine anywhere that I could wear it before 1 AM, and only under extreme intoxication. Again, the only items that they sent from my “closet” were accessories. While the necklace and earrings are cute, I decided to send the tote back immediately, with the hope the the third bag wouldn’t be quite so horrendous.

I mean, the two tank tops could have been ok under blazers, but as far as my agenda for the week, a comfortable sweater would be way more appropriate for my activities. Again, I only put those types of clothes in my “closet.” I was starting to get the impression that my “closet” is a joke. I hate that I spent a lot of time clicking on things that I liked and not only did I not receive any of those clothes out of two totes, I didn’t receive anything remotely close.

want it now

Total Items Worn: Zero

Again, Le Tote did show a strength in customer service. I emailed them about the above wrinkled dress, so that’s why they provided an extra piece in this bag. They also noticed that I clicked “dislike” on every item that they had sent. So, their email asked what types of items that I did like, so they could pass that on to their stylist. I asked them what the point of clicking “like” on 32 clothing items in my “closet,” since I thought that would be consulted by the stylist. Since the closet seems to be not consulted, I did provide them with a brief outline of my days and the fact that I need comfortable and casual clothes (which I clicked on… for that closet thing…). Also, apparently you need to put 50 items in your closet. If you do sign up, send them an email with more details about what you want because their questionnaire is insufficient to provide that kind of information. Or their stylists lack the critical thinking ability to look at what liked and figure out what you want.

Third Tote:

Oh wow. So, instead of just sending me a tote, Le Tote sent me an email with a link to customize my next tote, since I was so displeased with my last two totes. [Everything but the jewelry was rated “disliked.] I got pretty excited because I had “liked” a ton of shirts and cardigans that I would love to wear. Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed when I went to customize the bag. There was one sweater that I liked and two pieces of jewelry that I liked, but I ended up switching them to a necklace and earrings that matched each other.

The other two pieces in the tote were definitely wrong for me. A long skirt that wasn’t a maxi skirt, but almost ankle length. You would definitely need high heels for that type of skirt, but with my arch injury, high heels were out of the question. The other piece was a skimpy tank top. So, when I saw that I could pick from any category, my mood lifted a little. Then, I realized that there was only 1 available cardigan, no pants, no jackets, and no sweaters. NO sweaters. It was December 30! But there were an excessive number of tank tops. There was even an available romper. That’s cool. I like rompers in January. #not

le tote sucks 1 le tote sucks 2

Again, the available dresses were more appropriate for working as an escort, a tropical vacation, or Vegas. I’m not planning on any of those, so… I tried to pick out an outfit (more time delay), but then I got an email from Le Tote saying that one of the items that I picked was unavailable (SURPRISE!). So, another time delay. When the bag finally shipped, several days after returning my bag, it took a long time to get here. I ended up with this trash:

le tote sucks 3

The sweater was ok. The dress was not appropriate for my lifestyle because I can’t wear shoes that go with it because of my arch problems. The tank top was not worth the hassle.

At that point, I emailed Le Tote and asked to cancel my account. I could not tolerate another email exchange with them. All of the delays in shipment due to lack of stock, the horrible clothes that I returned immediately, etc, all ended up with me getting 3 totes over a period of around 4 weeks, even though I didn’t wear a single piece that they sent me. I had anticipated getting a bag a week, if I wore the clothes. Since each bag was returned immediately, I should have had way more bags. I didn’t want to be charged for a second month, so I decided not to bother with getting boxes and returning them. Plus, I just wanted to scream every time I got an email from them.

Fortunately, they offered me a refund due to my dissatisfaction. I do think that was only fair because they couldn’t send me anything wearable.

Total Items Worn: ZERO


Final Thoughts:

After my partial month’s worth of totes, I cannot believe that absolutely every person who has tried it has had a perfect experience. Customer Loyalty tried to tell me that my experience was a fluke. I’m going to call bull shit here. Search “Le Tote Sponsored” and you’ll see that the positive reviews come up for pages because Le Tote has been sponsoring posts, so they pop up first. In fact, I would be so surprised if many of them have halfway decent experiences. I guess it’s a good experience if they provide you bags for free. So, since I couldn’t find a negative review before trying the service, I tried it. I did read non sponsored posts by bloggers that I trust who gave good reviews, but those women actually received clothing that they could wear. Some people who comment on my blog posted good, non-sponsored reviews. Their very first boxes were mixes of casual and dressy. I am disgusted by the fact that my first three totes (all) were complete wastes. That’s time of my membership lost by clothes that were cheaply made and non-wearable. If I had been paying full price for just 4 weeks, I would have been livid.

[Please note that I did an EXHAUSTIVE search on Google looking for a negative or even neutral review of Le Tote. I couldn’t find one bad word about Le Tote because only bloggers singing the praises of the service came up for page after page. But, after my experience, I reread some of these posts–I noticed that they were only wearing a black tank from Le Tote with their own clothing items, etc. The nice parts of the items were not Le Tote’s. You can buy basic clothing items for much less than the cost of a membership.]

I spent more time talking to their customer service than I would have cared to. I wanted to fight for getting the best experience possible, but I took the time to look through all of the clothes, pick the ones that I liked, and took the style quiz. I don’t understand why a “stylist” couldn’t look at that. Do they hire people with no critical thinking skills or do they only use a computer to send the clothes out? When I let the company know that the clothes weren’t what I asked for, they said that they can’t always give me what is in my closet. Yet, customer retention wanted to know what styles I liked, so they could pass that on to my stylist. It just boggles my mind that I picked 35 items that were similar and they sent two whole bags of clothes that were trashy and flimsy. Customer retention asked if I wanted work or play clothes. That seems like a question that should have been asked up front! Before I got TWO bags. Maybe they could put it in the initial style questionnaire. My husband joked that if they thought those were work clothes, they needed to reassess what work would look like for most people. He’s the one that thought they looked like hooker clothes, actually.

Really, it’s just dishonest to take people’s money upfront if they don’t have inventory to come close to providing the types of clothes that people want. They should probably reinstate the waiting list that they used to have. If they can only send tank tops and short dresses in January, don’t talk to me about how your inventory is different than a normal store. I get that, but make sure that you have enough on hand to accommodate your customers. What sending me summer clothes in December says to me is that they want to take my money and give me summer clothes because they already sent out all of the winter clothes.

Le Tote is for you if…

You frequently need a cocktail dress.
You don’t own any basic clothing items. They really only have black, grey, and maroon–so, if you want color, you have to supply it.
You love to wear high heels. All of the dresses and skirts require fancy shoes. It would be difficult to dress the dresses down.

Le Tote is not for you if…

You want to receive items you like.
You want to try items that are trendy, but you don’t want buy. They won’t have it in stock.
You already own basic black shirts.

So, Tom Haverford, if you ever open up Rent-a-Swag, give me a call. You’d do a better job!

rent a swag 2 rent a swag

If you want to complain that my experience was different than the current service, please read the entire review. In fact, I given the option to pick my own bag. My complaint is that they knowingly took my money when the inventory was too sparse to justify another customer.

Please note that comments with links that are not relevant to the discussion will not be approved. Personal signatures with blog URLs will be deleted. Please use the Disqus profile to add your blog’s URL, so that I can find you.

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  • Holy crap, what a joke! I feel bad that you even had to deal with all that, and then write all this up! And I feel a bit … relieved? … that I’m not the only one who’s written highly negative reviews of highly popular brands/items (see eShakti). Seems like 80% of the reviews on my blog were negative. Gosh, I’m glad you got a full refund–makes me mad for you just reading about all the trouble you went through. Business fails–large or small businesses–just make me so mad…

    • It was such a joke! Really, the running joke at my house was how bad the next box would be. People got really defensive about their cult-Keurigs, but they weren’t even talking about the same model that I was talking about. I wasn’t even trying to be controversial. It was my honest opinion! I liked my eShakti dress, but I wish it had been shorter. So, it was an ordering error on my part.
      Personally, I’d rather read negative reviews, so I can keep looking for a product that would fit me better, instead of people gushing about something. And when I saw Le Tote reviews before and then went back to look at them after my bad experience, I can see that maybe they liked a specific (boring) black shirt with their cute skirt, but no one ever gave an overview of what it was like to go through the process over and over. I was so frustrated that I had to delete the cuss words out of my emails. I had to find creative ways to insult them.
      My husband did enjoy getting to make hooker jokes and Tom Haverford jokes/rent-a-swag jokes.

  • Man that sucks! I just signed up on Thursday and I’m expecting my first box today! I’m really curious to see if it goes as badly as you experience did. I figure with the 50% off first month it was worth a try because I’ve seen so many people RAVE about it.

    • Maybe your’s will be good! I mean, Megan, over at A Latte Everyday, wrote a good review of her first box, but she got a nice mix of clothes. They really sent me trash. I bet a lot of people signed up around the holidays, so that could have contributed to the inventory problems, but I feel like they’re still a terrible business because they should be able to infer what I want from what I put in my closet, or they should have made the beginning quiz more specific. Higher smarter people and get more clothes!
      Also, I don’t need office clothes, but when I looked through the selections, there were plenty of sweaters and shirts that I would wear. They were too trendy for me to buy for a season, but I didn’t mind renting them for a week. It’s too bad that they never sent those. I’ll stick to shopping Gap sales! (I love Old Navy, but I’ve been getting some Gap t shirts/activewear shirts on clearance and they are so much softer! I should be set for the next six months, until I have to go down another size–my new medicine is making me wilt away–and even then oversized is good!)

    • rebecca huff

      I’d be curious how it goes for you. When I complained about my first box they told me that it wasn’t unusual for it to take several boxes for your “stylist” to get it right. And that they would add an extra item to my second box, which they didn’t do. The only reason I tried it was the 50% off coupon and it was a TOTAL waste of my money. Not just that but it really frustrated and irritated me as well!

  • I am sorry that you’ve had this experience! I have never used a service like this and I would not hurry to either.

    • Yeah, I’ll just stick with my own shopping! I don’t get to the stores much since I have trouble walking or driving on any given day, but I’d rather shop online. I’ve been happy since I found ShopTgr, so if I find something that I like, it can notify me when it goes on sale!

  • YIKES. I haven’t tried theme either and now I’m glad!

    • I definitely like Stitch Fix better. The clothes there are so much nicer, plus I pay for what I get (a product). Since Le Tote is more like a service, time is money, so the turn around and bad products were me paying for the time it was taking for them to get it right.

  • I hadn’t even heard of them before but I’m not into things like this anyway. that email would have bugged me too – little things like that bug me, glad i’m not the only one 😉 sucks you had such a bad experience, hopefully this will help someone else!

    • Yeah, I couldn’t take it (the emails and the whole thing) anymore, so I just stopped my month early. It was a waste. I do hope this prevents people from signing up or at least warns them. Since I only ever read reviews of one box, I never read about the frustrations of not getting things you like, things that are wrinkled, or shipping taking so long.

  • So this is similar to Stitchfix? Sort of? To be honest, I’m burnt out on all of these subscription box services. I used to love them, and while I still like the idea of them, I also like going to the store and picking out my own stuff, haha. More bang for my buck in the long run, I think!

    • It’s more like Netflix DVDs. You can buy a piece if you really like it, but it’s used. I liked the idea of wearing something super trendy just once and then getting to switch it out. I only planned on doing it for a month to even begin with, but I was so frustrated that I had them cancel it before the month was out. It’s definitely more bang for you buck, if you are a smart shopper. It’s like yes, the dresses or tops they send are “expensive,” but if you shop in the right places, you can buy those exact pieces for less or ones that look the same for less. They don’t carry anything that’s super unique. Like, the clothes are more basics that you would put with your own blazer or accessories. And it’s the blazers that are expensive! And since I don’t need work clothes like that, it definitely wasn’t a fit for me.

  • good for you–for being HONEST. I appreciate this post…makes me think all these type of clothing boxes are a bit of a scam slash not worth the energy!

    • Definitely not worth the energy. It’s like I did read really good reviews, but I didn’t read them critically enough. They were only ever reviewing a single piece of clothing, not the entire business and program.
      One reviewer was probably being honest when she said she liked the shirt, but when I read it more closely, the girl put a black Le Tote tank under her own white cardigan, with her own black pants, her own leopard print flats, and her own jewelry. I already have black tank tops! (The outfit was ugly, overall, anyway).
      So, once I realized that I was having a bad experience, I thought that showing what it was like to deal with the company and receive bad tote after bad tote would help people.

  • Ryan Smith

    I can’t tell you how RELIEVED I was to read this today! I have had a terrible experience w/ Le Tote as well and when I googled, all I found were pages upon pages of happy customers…making me think there was something wrong with ME!! Phew, so glad I’m not alone. I’ve been with them for 2 months now, because I got a huge discount on my first month and then decided to give them the benefit of the doubt for this second month. I can assure you I will be cancelling after this month. After not receiving a single thing but tank tops and SHORT dresses for 2 months, even after multiple emails reminding them that I live on the East Coast, it is WINTER, and I work in an office 5 days a week. I’ve been able to wear a few of the items by getting EXTREMELY creative but the majority of them are just black and gray (like you said) and guess what…I already have plenty of black and gray. I actually signed up so I could get some pieces I wouldn’t usually wear, to expand my comfort zone a bit. That hasn’t happened.

    I also have gotten three damaged items. They were always very nice and pushed my billing date out so I’ve actually gotten closer to 3 months worth of totes after only paying for 2, but what a waste of time. My shipping has also gotten progressively slower and slower.

    Thank you for showing me I’m not insane…I will not be continuing with Le Tote.

    • The seasonally appropriate thing killed me! I kept telling them that it was freaking cold here! I’m glad I’m not crazy either. I canceled my month early because I didn’t want to deal with another customer service email.

  • rebecca huff

    Well at least now I know I’m not just fat and picky. I have received my 2nd What the heck Tote from this company today and I about passed out from the smell and the wrinkles are ridiculous. Of course I’m sending it RIGHT back without even trying it on because it is so NOT anything I picked in my “closet” … I had the exact same experience with customer service over promised and under delivered. They were “back ordered” on the FREE tote so I didn’t get one, then they promised to send it in the second tote, which also was still not there. Then I got probably a dozen emails from ONE, yes only ONE customer service chat. All of my items were cheap scratchy gross polyester and look like they belong in a skanky night club. LeTote is a JOKE.

    • Now I don’t feel crazy, either! I thought it would be cool to try it for a month and get to wear trendy things that I would normally never purchase. I just wanted to wear a t shirt with an owl or maybe a sweater with elbow patches. When they even let me customize a tote, but like the screenshots above, there was nothing to chose from!

  • Oh man, I’m so glad to read an honest review that reflects my gut concerns about this service. It seem like LeTote has a solid process and people (customer service certainly seems A grade in comparison to similar companies). But the product is lacking. When I took the initial survey, I thought, “this looks like a collection of uninspired clothes from the Forever 21 clearance racks.”

    It doesn’t seem like this is a good service for those with a strong sense of style, or as you said, those with basics or needs beyond cocktail dresses. Such a shame!

    • I think that if I did need cocktail dresses, it would be a good thing, but even then, they are skanky. Plain and simple. They were horrible! My husband thought it was hilarious when I put it on. He said I could only wear it if I was working on a corner.

      • Haha, oh my! Not the corner! So sad and unfortunate. I didn’t think I’m going to take the risk on this service.

      • rebecca huff

        even if you didn’t mind looking like THAT kind of trash, you’d also look like actual trash because literally everything is wrinkled like you got it out of the garbage and it smells like it was in my grandmas attic for 23 years.

  • One follow up Q: How much did you spend in total for your partial month of service?

    • I found a 50% off, so it was $25. I thought that they would have stepped it up in order to get me to keep subscribing. And it did *feel* like they wanted me as a customer, but they just couldn’t meet the expectations that they created.

      I get search enginge hits for “Why does le tote not send me what I want,” and “Does le tote stop sending me what I want if I don’t buy things?”

  • Late to the party, but I read this on vacation and forgot to come back to comment! So I actually had a good experience overall with Le Tote, and while I did receive a few months free because they saw me on Twitter talking about a competitor, I really doubt that they had me on any sort of “special” list based on my imperfect but still good experience.

    I did receive a necklace that I loved. I actually wore it in one of my posts, and then wore it again, and one more time before I sent it back. On the last wear, all of the “metal” started flaking off and got all over my skin. I’ve never experienced that before (this from the girl who wears a ton of F21 jewelry) so I was a little meh on that.

    Also, not all the clothes are new. I mean, obviously, since we’re all “borrowing” them… But I did find that some of the things they sent should have probably been retired sooner than the were. This only happened 2x out of the 3 months so I let it slide.

    What I did like is that since I’m on the west coast, I could get a new box within 3-4 days from sending mine back to them sending it.

    I found overall that I got mostly things I had “hearted” in my closet pretty consistently. I would definitely NOT recommend it for someone working in a traditional office though. Most of the lengths on dresses and skirts are great for me as a petite person, but would definitely not be appropriate for someone taller/in a normal office. I also thought they sent decent quality stuff. I received items from Maison Scotch, Kensie, BB Dakota, etc. Not high end by any means, but usually in the $70-120/piece range.

    It’s too bad you had a crappy experience with them. It sounds like they could have done a lot better on trying to make their service work for you. I also do wonder if the seasons play any role in this – I received my totes in August-October, so while I did get a lot of sleeveless and short sleeve styles, I just layered them with blazers and it was fine because it wasn’t that cold.

    • The jewelry wasn’t bad, but I kept sending the totes back because the clothes were and I wanted them to send me different clothes!

      I knew that they were used, but my main issue with them was that it was the lack of selection. They were the ones that contacted me to “create” my own tote after I “disliked” every item that they sent. When I went to create the tote, I couldn’t really make one that I liked because they were out of stock in anything that was seasonally appropriate.

      Like you said, it would be easier to incorporate tanks in the fall. And that’s all they had available in December.

      I just felt like they over promised and under performed. But, they did provide me with a refund. However, I was exhausted by the end of all of it because they were constantly emailing me and I was always contacting them. It was just way too much effort for basic clothes haha

  • Nicole

    Just read this for fun and I am on my second Tote. I am not s blogger so I don’t have anything published but I do le tote, birch is, adore me, and Ellie subscriptions!!! Keep in mind there are positive reviews out there but not everyone blogs. Shocker. Anyway I like le tote a lot. And I’m picky. Your experience is so odd to me. Emails that say “hi”?? I work in marketing and am picky and I literally do not care what their email address is at all. The first box had ugly jewelry but the second one has cute earrings I am definitely buying which was never my I tension to buy anything. The dress and sweater in box 1 are high quality. The work dress was amazing quality actually. I wore it to or meeting and sent back as I don’t dress up that fancy. One dress this month was risqué so I’ll wear it valentines date night hubby will like it but then that’s it. It’s a fun way to try something is never ever buy. This month yes one item was so wrinkled not worth stemming it to wear but that was one in 10 items so I’ll let it slide. I haven’t needed to email customer service at all. Weird. The tracking and shipping works quick and as it says it does. I just don’t understand this horrible experience and review. The clothes aren’t just black at all. And the clothes are way cuter than the hideous pieces from a competitor that I see a lot of fb friends trying. Gross styles! – nicole from Seattle

    • I am glad that you had a better experience than me. I didn’t realize they had a competitor as far as another rental company.

    • I just want to go ahead and congratulate you on getting being married. I’m sure it was hard to find someone to marry such a snobby bitch who could really do better things with her free time.

  • Nicole

    Intereting. See I think stitch fix clothes are weird and ugly. Plus they out tank tops in their boxes too that you can get for cheaper at target old navy or Nordstrom rack. So weird different experiences in the same timeframe too

    The nice dress o refer too is plum colored. Lined. Heavy. Nice. And went below the knee/ top of calf. I’ll have to post a pic of me in it from my old cell to their site. For someone that wears dresses a lot like that to work (nice – think c-level or legal) it was a good deal I think $85.

    • Stitch fix works for me because I have mobility problems. It is hard for me to get to a store and try on a lot of clothes. It is convenient for me to get the boxes. I always find at least one thing I like. I have plenty of clothes, but like most girls, I like something new every now and then, so that service allows me to get that without sacrificing my health. Otherwise, to ordering from you brands that I fit well. But, even my most recent order from one store was disappointing because while their clothes have always been well, the quality seems to have gone down since I last went to the store.

  • Well, most reviews only talk about one or two pieces. I did sign up because I had a friend who paid for it and enjoyed her experience. But, if you enjoy it, you’ll definitely write a great review, so people will use your referral link. (Although, most reviews I found were sponsored). I just wanted to warn people that I had to FIGHT for semi-ok clothes and they lacked inventory. So, they are either doing too well and don’t have enough clothes, or they’re giving the best stuff to the people giving reviews. They didn’t know I was a blogger.

  • Stefanie Resciniti

    I kind of like it, but have had some issues which were resolved quickly but still makes me question whether I would keep this service. The first issue was they charged me for the 1st month even though I had a free coupon that was valid. They did remove it promptly once I called. Secondly, they charged me for an item I didn’t keep, but refunded after I emailed. Then there is the whole issue of shipping. They received my package though they started a shipment, it wasn’t shipped until days later. It’s my 3rd shipment going out in the month so far. I have sent each one out promptly. I found some of the items I received nice. One of the first shirts was very cute, on clearance and I snagged it cheaply. Another top had unique cutouts and I liked the material. If I didn’t get a few compliments I probably wouldn’t have paid what I did for it. Some of the jewelry is cute, but I wouldn’t pay those prices. I may give it a second month, but I hope at least the shipping gets faster. Luckily…I haven’t gotten any super short stripper dresses lol! I am also confused about their very limited pants selection.

    • I think they tried to resolve my issues quickly, but they just didn’t have the inventory. I was signed up around Christmas, which was probably a popular time, so they just over promised and under delivered.
      I’ve heard a lot of people talk about getting charged for things they didn’t keep.
      All they sent me were stripper dresses and tank tops in December! My husband thought the whole thing was a huge joke and couldn’t wait to see what they send next. He’s the one who asked me if they thought I worked on the corner. Because they kept sending the skanky dresses, yet they’d send tanks that would be good under a blazer. I need neither!

    • Lindy

      I’ve been using Le tote for over a year now, and it has gotten much better since they let u customize! One thing with the shipping I noticed is that they are not open on Saturday/Sunday. I just adjust to make sure that I send the boxes back Sunday night through Wednesday so they can ship the next box by Friday. Pretty sure that’s where the lag time comes from. I understand the convenience of using USPS for some people, but I wish they’d use a shipping company that was 7 days a week too!

  • I never thought about Stitch Fix being less expensive even if you don’t keep anything! I never wore anything from any of my Le Tote bags. Like you, I thought it would be cool to get bags more often. Even if I only wore a thing or two and then sent it back. I wanted to wear a few “stylish” pieces that I would buy/keep, but would like to wear just like once.
    The worst part was when they let me pick my own tote because I had rated everything so low, but it was December and there was nothing seasonally appropriate. I don’t need a sleeveless romper with shorts in December! They didn’t have anything available in jackets. They only had like a half sweater available. It was just like, if you don’t have the inventory, please create a waitlist…
    I’m actually eagerly awaiting my Stitch Fix box today. I moved it back a month so that I could get Spring clothes in the Spring. Now I’m really excited 🙂

  • From one Sarah to another – thank you for this! I just checked them out online and figured that it had to be too good to be true. Sounds like it is!

    • I should have seen that most of their items looked a little too “basic” for my taste. I already own a lot of black/grey, when it was advertised as a way to spice up your wardrobe. I think a lot of reviews were misleading because they featured a solid black tank from Le Tote with the blogger’s own bright blue skirt.
      I would be interested to see if they offered anything more interesting for spring/summer, but I would never ever pay full price. And the fact that they didn’t actually have seasonally appropriate items in stock just rubs me the wrong way.

  • Abigail Nummer

    YES! This was my experience almost exactly! Now I’m just in the process of fighting for my $50 back. Thanks for sharing!

    • Good luck! They didn’t know I was a blogger or anything. I simply told them that I wanted to cancel after my 3rd bag (and not wearing a single thing – they were the ones who contacted me first about rating everything “dislike or hate”) in my first bag. I told them that I wanted to make sure that I didn’t accidentally get charged for a second month and then they refunded me. (Sorry for the delay in responding and all of this was probably way too late. I’ve been very sick. When I get super mad, I take to Twitter and use a ton of hashtags.)

  • Christian Allison

    Thank you for writing this… I almost signed up

  • Natalie

    You saved me from literally entering in my credit card details! There really is such a lack of neutral reviews! I like the concept – but I wish you had more control over the selection like RentTheRunway.

    • They JUST emailed me to let me know that they changed so that I would be able to pick out my clothes, but considering that they let me do that when I was a member before, even though that was not part of their normal business model, they literally didn’t have the clothes in stock to supply me with what I wanted.
      I don’t know if they will increase their stock or if you’re less picky than me, it will be easier, but I don’t think it’s picky to want a sweater in December!

  • Uh oh. I am waiting for my first tote. I like that I could choose everything in it — I swapped out a few items that weren’t even in my ‘closet’. For Priority Mail, it seems to be moving fairly slow. We’ll see how it goes.

    Also, thank you for taking the time to review the whole month. Sponsored posts are so irritating, so it is nice to read a real review!

    • Yeah, I think they’ve changed a lot since I used them. However, I still think it was dishonest that they eventually let me chose my clothes after I had been so unhappy but their inventory didn’t have seasonally appropriate clothes. And I know they hadn’t had them when I signed up because the shipments before it were nothing but tanks when it was snowing outside, so I think they should have waitlisted me instead of taking my money.
      So, that’s why I insisted on asking for better totes before quitting. I wanted to get what I was paying for.
      I hope your bag is nice. I like summer clothes better than winter ones!

  • Maria

    I just received my first two totes after reading tons of positive blogger reviews and like you, I had a pretty crappy experience. I did get one maxi dress that amazingly fit my short self and I wore it to dinner one night. Nothing else made sense. Long sleeve shirts in CA in July? Umm, no. Le Tote is even based in CA!

    Also, the quality is pretty poor. I have older, cheaper clothing in my (real) closet I’ve worn countless times that look better than these clothes. And I know this doesn’t apply to everyone, but I’m super sensitive to perfumes and I am pretty sure they spritz their items with perfume before shipping them. I couldn’t even wear a shirt I liked from my last tote because the smell was so strong. Stitch Fix may have it’s own issues, but I’d rather wear buy new clothes and eat a $20 fee instead of paying Le Tote’s fee and only wearing a dress once.

    Thank you for writing an honest review. They are so hard to find these days with all the sponsored posts. I hope canceling is going to be easy…

  • Tenth Edition

    Super annoyed. I wish I read this before I signed up… I canceled my subscription after ONE box. I saw the quality of the product and sent it right back and canceled my subscription right away yet they will not give me a refund saying that its their policy! Its super unfair that they selectively give refund to certain customers! What do I have to do get my money back?

    • I am sorry. I don’t know why they gave me my money back. I didn’t ask for a refund.
      I was using a 50% off coupon and spent more time emailing with their customer service than I have ever had to do with any service. So, after my third bag, I asked them to go ahead and cancel to make sure I wasn’t charged for a full month the next month and they gave me a refund.
      I used my personal email and they didn’t know that I was a blogger. I read so many positive reviews and had a coupon, so I was just documenting my experience, which turned into a nightmare. It was a running joke at my house for awhile.

  • Cinthia Irlanda Rodriguez

    Great review, not sure if I want to try it anymore…

    • Thanks! I just had a coupon to try it out and decided to document my experience, since I could only find paid reviews. My favorite was a blogger who said she wasn’t paid, but got a few months free. Mostly, that’s how bloggers are paid – in free items!

  • Yeah, I actually started using it because I’m actually handicapped and shopping is very hard on me. So, I shop at the same few stores online, where I know my size and have the credit card and build up cash back for the stores. I was hoping to change things up, but at least when I signed up over the winter, I could only pick out very basic colors, which I already owned. I was hoping for the more pops of color type pieces.
    I recently recreated the look that the model was wearing on a Lands End a-line polka dot skirt with a chambray shirt and belt that I already had, when I ordered the skirt, since they had a free shipping special. I think recreating Pinterest is probably safer! Thank heavens for dresses 🙂 No matching required.

  • Well, some people love it, but if you see the other comments… Obviously, they go out of their way to give bloggers a good experience. I’ve seen some bloggers write about it over and over, but that’s probably only to build up their referral credits.
    I used my personal email when I signed up. People who like it get angry and point out that I reviewed the old system. But I like to point out that in the middle of my review, they actually gave me the option to chose my own tote and there wasn’t enough inventory.
    So, it was dishonest to take my money and send me tank tops and cocktail dresses when no sweaters or even long sleeved items were in stock.
    They tried, customer service-wise, but they didn’t have much to work with. So, I just had to let people know, especially when I couldn’t find a single bad review. And I knew I couldn’t be an anomaly!

  • I’d have to agree with your assessment! I’ve signed up for Le Tote 3 times over the last 2 years and have had horrible experiences. I’ve had friends sign up (on my recommendation at first) and they also ended up having horrible experiences. The quality is really low, they never sent anything I had liked, when I received it it didn’t look anything like what was in the picture, and lastly it was SUCH a long turn around time. I’d much rather pay $100 and get the super high quality that Rent the Runway unlimited is offering if I really want to rent clothing.

  • Karla

    I just got my first one and while the clothes are ok (very basic), I do t like the way they smell. I get that they are used/shared but I thought they would be able to still give me a new clothes smell. I’m super sensitive to smells so that may just be my issue but I thought I would mention it.

    • They did smell funny. I wondered about the washing… haha. But, they really did have a musty smell when I bothered to try them on.

  • Melisa Hill

    This was my exact experience! Thank you for your honest review. I cancelled my membership after my second disappointing tote.

  • AP

    I just wanted to cancel account and they make it impossible to do.
    The only option in interface is to put account on hold for 2 months. I did it and also sent an email with ask to cancel account but their response got lost in “promotions” folder that I don’t check carefully. I also think they didn’t have their phone on their site at that moment.

    Then suddenly I receive an email that they reactivated my account, charged credit card and my tote is ready to customized. Really? Okay, I sent one more email asking to cancel my account. Response is that i need call M-F 9am-5pm PST. Guess what, that’s my working hours! Okay, I found a moment and called at 1pm weekday PST and… got voice mail that it’s not their business hours.

    So I sent them an email asking to just cancel account after all of this and got this response:

    “It sounds like all lines were busy at the time you called. I’m sorry we missed your call. We are definitely able to cancel you through a voice message if you leave your full name and reason for canceling.”

    No words..This is awful customer experience. People don’t have time to deal with these procedures.

  • Hillary Choo Jaroschy

    I keep looking up Le Tote. I came across them, I can’t remember how, but to be honest I felt like it was obviously pretty shitty from the get-go; from their site and also their selection and , to be honest and don’t judge me, but I’m 5’9 and a size 2 (I should fit most),. I’m so eager to try a clothing subscription because I feel like it’s around the corner. I’ve been on the waiting list for Rent The Runway since May!!!!!!! And since then I’ve not only NOT cleared the wait list but it’s gone up from $99 to $129 a month….. I feel like most of these sites are a scam. It’s really frustrating but really I wouldn’t trust this company or any clothing subscription site for quite a while……

    • How much did Le Tote pay you? You wrote one comment in two years on Disqus. You created an account to comment when on a blog when you searched for something that you were ALREADY using.

  • Beth

    I saw this review AFTER I got my LeTote subscription.. but so far, I have not been disappointed (of course, it’s only been like 1.5 months!!). I am curious, if you don’t mind asking, what size are you? I have a theory that people who are size medium have the worst selection (because it’s popular, maybe?), and perhaps that changes the experience as well. Right now I wear large in many of their brands and I have noticed when I look at items to swap out, they don’t have many available in medium.

  • Melissa

    I disagree, 100%! I have been doing Le Tote for a few months now and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

    • Congratulations on looking up reviews on a service that you’ve been using for months. Time well spent. I’m sure your comment will sway the masses.

  • Venus Voyager

    I think you like Parks and Rec

  • maureen

    Ugh, I wish I had found your post BEFORE signing up with Letote. I am at the end of a bad month of experience with them. Here’s the reply that I tried to post on their fb, but they have a moderator I’m sure so that honest issues are ignored and swept under the rug:
    unhappy with this service. They make it easy to sign up, but difficult to cancel! Shipping was slow due to a business change on their end that they did not make me aware of and when I called about it, they said they cannot even offer partial refunds though it was a problem on their end. Even after stating repeatedly that I was unhappy with the service, the customer service rep would not just cancel my acct. You also can’t cancel online, you have to call and deal with high pressure service individuals. But after the phone call, you will receive another email with a form you have to fill out before your cancellation goes through. Very shady business practice in my opinion– if you have to trick people into staying or just make it very hard for them to quit, you are saying that your product isn’t valuable enough to stand on it’s own without these practices.
    Sadly, they will not refund my $50+ dollars for one tote that overall took over 2.5 weeks of the month to get here, try and return. And the clothes that they sent didn’t fit well either. They definitely left a bad taste in my mouth for this type of service. Their customer service is the worst part of the “service”.

  • devoec

    thank you for this review! i almost considered doing it, even though it was $50 and I am a starving post college student. If you find any similar sites like this but that actually are affordable and worth it i would love to see a review on it. Really appreciate the annoyance you have now saved me!

  • FionaTF

    Thank you! The service popped up on my Facebook feed and I did a quick check on reviews. I appreciate having an honest, non-sponsored, review. Sounds like an awful experience. The variety of trashy dresses made me laugh.

  • Joy Chapman

    Thank you for this review! You just saved me a lot of money!

  • Hmmm, this is sad to hear! While Le Tote was my first sub experience ever, I did like it. Currently, my account is on hold, but I needed a break. I did two months straight. I received a total of 5 boxes, I think, and purchased only one item. That was more due to personal budgetting. I liked the styles I received, while 2 of them were just not a good match. All the pieces sent to me were from my closet/likes. There was a bag that I kept having resent to me because I really loved it, but was balking on spending for it. I wanted to spread out my shopping a bit. Customer service was also a breeze to talk to.
    I never did a review as I wanted to try another service and compare.

  • Taryn Scarborough

    I’ve just received my first Le Tote. I got a free trial from a friend that uses the service. The only positives I have are, the clothes fit, and I like the jewelry. The dress that came in the package is a cheap, polyester wrap dress that I will probably not wear. The skirt is a thick, quilted style…it’s nearly 100° every day down here in Louisiana in August. Do they not note the customers location when sending these items out? A thick skirt paired with a long sleeved shirt. The shirt looks like it’s been worn and washed 50 times. The worst part though, is the smell! Where are they storing these clothes?! My entire order smells like the storage room of a small town thrift shop, and I’m not allowed to wash these clothes. I might wear the jewelry since I got the package anyway, but I will definitely not be signing up for a continuing membership.

  • Andria Osler

    I’m a little discouraged after signing up for the free two weeks. I want to actually purchase one of the shirts that came in my first Tote, but after I add it to my closet, the price jacks up $20 from the original price listed. I’ve tried contacting their customer service twice with no response. I’m getting a little worried. I don’t think I want to continue with an actual subscription since $60/month is a bit much when I own a lot of clothes already. I’m hoping I don’t get charged due to their lack of customer service support.

  • Jenn S

    I just signed up and there is a lot of selection now. Maybe a year’s time helped them iron out some kinks.
    This review is almost so critical it’s just whiney. How is Le Tote supposed to know you have arch issues? That is really specific. I wouldn’t think the dress mentioned could only be worn with shoes that would hurt arches.
    It is a lot of basics in my opinion, but I have gotten a lot of items besides gray, black and maroon.

    • You know what’s whiny? The fact that you are complaining about a post that’s almost 2 years old on a blog that I haven’t updated in almost a year.

  • TLV

    This SAME thing happened to me with The Ms. Collection. I went with it specifically for the work-professional options they had and literally received hooker-clothing. I received 3 packages and ended up wearing 1 blouse the entire month (I only went as far as 3 bags). Each bag was worse than the next, I complained several times and they told me they would speak with my “stylist”. It must be computer-generated, because anyone that saw my “like” list would realize I work in a professional environment and prefer a more conservative style, I am not a hooker on a street corner (no hate toward hookers, these are great $ervice$ with some top $helf outfit$ for that kind of work!).

  • Tamara

    Thank you so much for your HONEST review!! I just almost signed up for this but googled reviews and yours was the very first I read. I was hoping it was an honest review based on your true experience. I’ve been fooled so many times. Thank you