Reading Challenges Galore!

I’m going to skip all of the New Year’s Resolution posts that you’ll be reading a lot of soon. Instead, my resolution is to read and not waste (too much) time watching TV or mindlessly surfing the internet. I mean, researching the history of TB at midnight on my phone because I read a book with a character who had consumption and then telling all of it to my husband who is asleep anyway, is also a waste of my time. So, I guess I resolve to sleep and read and use time wisely.

I definitely don’t plan on turning this into a book blog, but since it has grown into a larger interest of mine, I will be posting about it more frequently–but probably on the weekends. Statistics show that my monthly roundup of books that I read is one of my most popular topics, so I guess people want to know!

+This post is to declare that I will be participating in Reading 52 Books in 52 Weeks. I figured that if I’m already doing the other challenges, this should not be a problem. Additionally, it’ll keep me moving at a steady pace!

+I will also be participating in an Audiobook challenge (because you know I love a good audiobook). I will be aiming for the “My Precious” level, which is 30-50 audiobooks during 2015.

+I will be participating in this TBR pile challenge, also. I am aiming for clearing 12 books off of my shelves, which should make them close to cleared off, until I get birthday money and buy books on Thriftbooks…

+And, to show my commitment to not keeping Thriftbooks and Audible in business all by myself, I will be participating in the I Love Library Books Challenge. I am aiming to read 24 books from my public library during 2015!

I know that may seem like a TON of books and a lot of challenges, but a lot of the books overlap. I love the idea of linking up with other book readers because 1. I love discovering new blogs and 2. I love talking books.

So, less writing, more reading.

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