Keurig 2.0 Review

Disclaimer: I was provided this product in exchange for an honest review. I purchased some of the K Cup flavors for myself.

Keurig 2.0

I had never considered buying a Keurig. I drink a lot of coffee. I love large coffee mugs more than anything. However, a Keurig seemed like a fun novelty.

It arrived when my college roommate, Micah, was over visiting. We decided to set it up and try it out. In college, Micah and I shared a coffee pot, but had to get our own creamers because we didn’t like the same flavors. So, it was fun that we could each make our own cup of coffee in a flavor that we liked best. My husband happened to be out grocery shopping, so I asked him to pick up some other flavors!

k cupsI was a little disappointed when I found that my only brewing options were 4, 8, or 10 oz. Micah chose 8 oz and I chose 10 oz.


014My 10 oz cup of coffee was incredibly weak, so I decided I could only brew 8 oz at a time in the future.

024015The ability to chose our own flavors and brew coffee quickly was quite a novelty. It was fun, but I think it would be an expensive habit, in the long run. My husband and I have a Bunn coffee maker that keeps hot water in the back, so I can make 10 cups very quickly. The good thing about the Keurig, though, is that every person can chose their own flavor. Before the Keurig, we either brewed plain coffee and used different flavor creamers and syrups.


The next morning, my husband and I decided to use the Keurig. We each chose a flavor and drank it. Then I brewed a pot and drank the rest of it!

I also tried out the hot water feature of the Keurig. I have an electric kettle that I usually use to boil water. Instead, I took my large mug and filled it with hot water from the Keurig at 6 oz at a time. It took several minutes to fill my mug because I had to do it over and over. I did like that the water wasn’t boiling, so I didn’t have to wait for it to cool down so long.


The carafe that comes with Keurig 2.0 could use some upgrading, too. It isn’t insulated, so you either need to be able to drink it all at once, like me, or be willing to reheat it. The Keurig 2.0 also has the ability to be set to go off at a certain time, but there is nothing to keep the coffee warm, again. You either have to not hit the snooze button or microwave it!

So, my overall assessment is that the Keurig 2.0 is a fun novelty that I’ll probably use for an afternoon cup of coffee over the winter, until I drink up all of my K Cups. After that, I’m not sure if I will use again. It takes up a ton of counter space, so I’m not sure where I’m going to keep it… our coffee bar is totally full. We also keep things like crock pots and the rice maker in the closet upstairs because there isn’t room in the kitchen.

If you have the counter space, only drink a small cup of coffee at a time, and would rather spend 50 cents a cup for a flavored cup of coffee at home, instead of your usual Starbucks habit, then the Keurig 2.0 could be a good option for you. If you’re like me, though, and prefer a pot of Maxwell House with some hazelnut creamer, then it might not be your most cost efficient option.

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  • I love the honesty of your reviews. My husband and I have been using a Keurig for years, and we both love it. It works really well for us because we get up at very different times and each like a fresh cup of coffee. Plus I was a major Starbucks addictoverspender, and the pods do make me feel like I am having a “real” cup. We actually just upgraded to the 2.0, and I didn’t even know about this hot water option! I need to read the manual!

    • My biggest complaint about the 2.0 versus the original, was that the 2.0 requires official K cups. My husband and I bought a little cup that we could put our own coffee in and a cappuccino flavor from the grocery store, but we got an error message when we tried to use them. However, I did figure out a way around it, but it takes extra work. I will say that when I put fresh ground coffee into the refillable container, it tasted just as good as when I do it in the French press.

      • Totally agree about the k-cup issue. I love Gevalia coffee. Even though those pods say “k-cup” on them, they have fluted edges and it won’t accept them. I still have my old one cup keurig in my master bathroom, and I use it for my Gevalia cups which is actually really annoying.

        • Oh wow! Yeah, I figured out how to get around non K-Cup brands in the 2.0, but fitting in the fluted edges would be problematic! If they ever make them in a different shape, I’ll have to try them! So far, I have really liked a hazelnut cappuccino one and a mocha one that I mix with peppermint mocha creamer 🙂

  • the keurig has it’s perks… but you’re right it can get expensive!!! how cool that you guys have a Bunn coffee pot! if i had one of those i would never sleep! haha!

    • The Bunn is actually less expensive than the new Keurig, so I would by the Bunn again. It was actually an engagement present, but I probably would have purchased one on my own by now. My roommate who was visiting when I tried it out has a Keurig in her office at work. That seems like a good place for one. I’ve only ever work in the public sector, so we never had an office coffee pot or any perks at all. When I was in DC, we had several coffee shops on the first floor of the building that were government contractors, but we would get safety violations for plugging in coffee pot in our office areas. I am pretty happy now that I have figured out how to put my freshly ground coffee into the Keurig 2.0 – it tastes just like the French press. But I didn’t figure that out until last night. That is way less expensive than the official K cups.

  • I have the Keurig mini and love it! While most of the k-cups are on the weak side, I love the Starbuck’s packs! Right now I’m burning my way through the Holiday blend and it’s perfect when I want to have a cup of coffee at the end of the day. I am incredibly lazy though and I hated having to maintain our coffee pot, especially since I am the only one who drinks it! I definitely think that a Keurig is more suited for someone who doesn’t drink a lot of coffee (like me). I love that you have a Bunn–that’s amazing! 🙂

    • I can definitely see the advantages, if you are the only one using it! With the Bunn, you have to make at least 4 cups every time, so that wouldn’t be practical if you only wanted one cup. I had a Mr. Coffee for years and years, which I would still happily use. This is really fast and provides some cool options. I got an iced coffee K Cup, and LOVED it. It’s not as good as my homemade iced coffee, but it requires no preparation!

  • I mostly think they’re a novelty as well. I like the idea of having it for special occasions and for when guests are in town or over for dinner because it has something for everyone and it’s so easy! And not to mention much less noisy than grinding coffee for our french press! I’m with you on this review!

    • My husband and I were just saying that when we run out of what we have, we need to only buy decaf ones, so we can use them for after dinner!

  • Zack and I got a Keurig for a wedding gift and we love it. We actually went out and got an espresso machine Keurig as well. But my Starbucks habit was becoming a super problem so I think we might now be saving money. I totally get if you drank a lot of regular coffee, it would be a waste. I tend to like sugar with a side of espresso as my drink of choice 😉

    • Ooo I didn’t realize they made an espresso version! I got a Moka pot, which is cool, but it does take awhile to prepare and make. Also, I only bought the 3 cup one, when we really needed the 6 cup one! Brian and I were just brainstorming “alternative” uses for the Keurig–like how to use it to make fancy coffee drinks.

  • We got a Keurig as a wedding gift, and it has really worked for us because my husband doesn’t drink coffee. So I’m really the only one using it unless we have people over. I still catch myself using my French Press more than the Keurig, but it is awfully convenient when I am in a hurry before work in the mornings. I only buy really dark roasts K-Cups which helps with the weakness to me.

    • That’s so smart to get dark roast! I did notice that most of the flavored cups say light or medium roast, after you mentioned that!

  • We have a Keurig, but we bought a stainless steel reusable cup and put our own coffee of choice and brew that way. You can essentially double pack it to get a stronger brew of coffee, which my boyfriend likes.

    • Does the stainless steel one work on the 2.0? We bought a plastic reusable one and it gave us an error message. I found a clumsy work around (on YouTube), so I used that “hack” with coarsely ground coffee beans and was able to get it stronger. I’ll try packing it in more when I use prefrontal coffee!

      • Apparently not, just checked and it says “not compatible with 2.0”. I’m sure they’ll make an updated version though – the one we have is from Ekobrew and it’s wayyy better than the cups you have to buy at the store and much less wasteful!

  • I love having a Keurig (we have the older version, not the 2.0) because my husband and I don’t drink coffee at all. This way we have an easy option for guests who do. It probably gets used once a month if not more, so it’s just often enough that I always end up debating with myself if it’s worth hauling it down to the basement to free up counter space between uses.

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  • I think the 2.0 is totally overrated. I actually am close to tossing it entirely because it’s more trouble than it’s worth and bringing back out our older Keurig model.

    • Yeah, I think the release of it specialized ink reader was just another way to get money out of people. I never tried the first version, but it sounds like it was a better deal. I found a work around to use any type of K Cup that I want/my own refillable cups. However, I rarely use it. It was fun at first, but now it’s like, ehhh…

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