Grateful Heart Monday: One Year Anniversary

I am super grateful for one year of marriage! Yesterday was our one year of marriage. We’ve been through so many trials in the past year, so I’m impressed that we made it this far. I have to give Brian and his steady character and commitment credit for this. Also, the support of our family helped a lot.

So, I am grateful for one year of learning to be married with my best friend in the world. (Don’t tell the dogs that they aren’t really my best friends).

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After the wedding:


The honeymoon!

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Here is to many, many more years! I love you, Brian!

Ember Grey
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  • Happy Anniversary! It’s funny how quickly a year goes, yet it can feel like a lifetime as well sometimes!

    • Thank you! You’re so right. In one way, it feels like a long time, but in other ways, it seems like yesterday!

  • Kate Mitchell

    Happy anniversary! Beautiful wedding photos – you both look great!

  • Happy anniversary!! Ya’ll are just so cute 🙂

    • Awww, thanks! I can’t wait for your ONE YEAR… in a year. Those will probably be really fun pictures.

      • ​Gah I cannot wait either! It’ll be hard to pick between all the many crazy pics lol!

  • Happy Anniversary girl! Your wedding photos are just stunning!

  • Happy Anniversary, darlin! Your photos are gorgeous!!

    • Thank you so much!

  • HAppy Anniversary!! wishing you many, many more years together filled with love, faith and happiness!!

    XO sarita it’s my girls’ world

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  • Happy Anniversary!!! Beautiful wedding photos! 🙂

  • These photos are so beautiful and so sweet! Congratulations on one year of marriage! 🙂

    • Thank you, Stacia! We decided that the photographer is where we wanted to invest our money for the day, so we were very pleased with the couple we got!

  • aw congrats on your one year!!

  • Kristen Warren

    aw happy anniversary!! you guys look so happy and oh my, your dress is gorgeous!

    • Thank you! I do love that dress. I wish it was socially acceptable to wear it other places.

  • Happy Anniversary!!! Tanti Auguri.

  • Happy Anniversary! Love the photos 🙂

  • aww! Happy Anniversary!!! You were such a gorgeous bride- that dress!! Perfect!

    • Awwww, thank you! I was nervous about the dress. I was so torn between two dresses.

  • Happy Anniversary! Your wedding pics are gorgeous! Marriage is super hard, but so worth it….here’s to many more years!!

    • Thank you! You’re right. It is hard, but the rewards have been great!

  • Happy Anniversary!!! That first year is such a roller coaster. Ha! Your wedding dress is absolutely beautiful!

    • Thank you! It has been a total roller coaster, for sure! I am glad that I know people who have been married for a long time to look to for inspiration!

  • Happy Anniversary! You were a stunning bride.

  • Happy Anniversary! You and your wedding dress are beyond gorgeous! 🙂