What I Read Last Month: I Outdid Myself

Last month, I cursed myself for not creating this post as I read each novel. I said that I would do it as I went along this time. Guess what, I didn’t keep up with it, again!

what i read last month october


a room with a view

Rating: ***

Not my favorite book ever, but it was entertaining!


Rating: ***

This felt like a young adult novel masquarading as an adult novel. Like, the author just made the characters older and threw in a few cuss words.

defending jacob

 Rating: ****

I loved this novel. The format and the twist (of course) made is a great read!

faithful place

 Rating: ****

I read three novels from The Dublin Murder squad series last month, and I loved this one. I didn’t want to read this one because I hadn’t liked Frank in The Likeness, but it was actually very good. If you aren’t familiar with the series, each novel has a different narrator.

far from the maddening crowd

 Rating: ***

I could definitely tell that it was of Hardy’s first novels because it didn’t have the most absolutely depressing ending ever!

gone with the wind

 Rating: ****

This book took me most of August to listen to. It was so much different from the book (as far as I could remember). It was an interesting glimpse into the Civil War and the Reconstruction era.

in the woods

 Rating: *****

This novel, which is the first of the Dublin Murder Squad series, is really fantastic. The only word that I can think of to describe it is haunting. I absolutely couldn’t put it down.

reconstructing amelia

Rating: ****

I liked this book. It felt a little juvenile, but the format super interesting. The timeline wasn’t linear. It included prose, emails, texts, IMs, and all sorts of things. I read that it’s being made into a movie. I’m interested to see how in the world it will transfer onto the screen.

revolutionary road

 Rating: ***

The book made some interesting points about living in the suburbs, but it wasn’t that interesting, although I got the feeling that the author felt like he was making all sorts of profound statements. Since the book was written in 1961, about 1955, I think there wasn’t enough time for hindsight to make observations about 1955.

the forgotten garden

 Rating: *****

I absolutely loved this book. Many people recommended it during a Goodreads Account link up as their favorite book to recommend. They were right!

the handmaid's tale

 Rating: *****

I can’t believe that I waited to read this! I read a lot of negative reviews on Goodreads, but they all came from people who read the novel purely in terms of gender relations. I think this dystopian novel has more to do with how violence can occur when one group of people dehumanizes another group. Atwood just happened to pick gender. Honestly, I wish I had read this during college because it would have really helped with my honors thesis.

the king's curse

Rating: ***

I really wanted to love this novel. I have been looking forward to the novel for months. I think I enjoyed the earlier books more because I didn’t know anything about The Cousins’ War. This novel centered around Henry VIII. Honestly, I have read a ton about Henry VIII, so it wasn’t interesting at all.

the likeness

Rating: ****

This novel was a little out there in terms of the plot, but like the other novels in the series, it was completely engrossing!

the mayor of casterbridge

 Rating: ****

In typical Hardy fashion, this book had a slightly absurd beginning, but the social commentary of novel was spot-on.

the poisonwood bible

 Rating: ****

I loved this book! I know a lot of people have read this (usually for school). I don’t know what kept me  from reading it sooner.

the silkworm

 Rating: ****

Again, I loved this book.. It was a great mystery!

the sisters brothers

 Rating: ****

I have been wanting to read this novel since it was short listed for the Man Booker prize. It was super funny in a dark way. I definitely recommend it.

the tenant of wildfell hall

 Rating: ****

This novel was definitely interesting. It was no Pride & Prejudice, but once you’ve exhausted all Austen novels, you have to read something.

the thirteenth tale

 Rating: ***

I really wanted to love this novel. It is a book about books. What could be better? It was kind of out there and cooky. There were some really great parts, but it just wasn’t the best book, like I wanted it to be.


 Rating: ****

I read that this book is very autobiographical. It was kind of sad because I love love. And Bronte novels aren’t really notorious for love overcoming all!

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