How to Save Money on Audible Books: The Classics

how to save money
Now, to do this, I am pretty sure that you need to have an audible account. I haven’t tested it out, though.

If you are a member like me, you probably are pretty particular about what you’ll use your credits on. I love contemporary books, but I also love the classics. When I got my first Kindle, many years ago, I was a big fan of the fact that you could get classic books like Emma for free. After I became an Audible member last year, I noticed that some books were showing up for me with a special price, but I couldn’t find any rhyme or reason. Example: Middlemarch showed up for $3.49.

middlemarch reduced price

Later, I realized that I had a free version of Middlemarch on my Kindle. However, I hadn’t read the book yet, so I scooped it up for $3.49, instead of using a credit that is worth $11.

My next step was to figure out how I could exploit more Whispersync options, in order to save money on audiobooks. I’ve figured out that the best way is to browse books that I know will be in the public domain, like Emma, which will be free on Kindle. Some books, like Lady Chatterly’s Lover, are available for 99 cents. The best way to tell is to look for books that are Whispersync compatible.

emma whisper sync

emma 2 emma free book


Here is an example of how to buy the Kindle book and then get the Audible book for the reduced price:



You can still save money on some contemporary books, but the best deals are on the books that are already in the public domain. I am a huge fan of Audible because I can use the app to speed up the book. I find the regular speed way too slow, plus I can cover more books in less time. Another online resource, if you can’t get to your library is I found that website during college. It was the only way that I got through Moby Dick. So, I really did read that whole book.

I love reading. I find that audiobooks work great for me, though, because I can either multi-task while I am listening or I can rest. Sometimes my temors are too bad to hold a book, so audiobooks totally save me. Other times, I have headaches that are so bad that I can’t stand to watch TV, yet I can listen to a book with my eyes closed.

Still, I am a sucker for the smell of a book!

Do you use Audible? The library? Good old fashioned books?

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