Flat to Fabulous: This Product Will Change Your Hair Forever

A few weeks ago, I did the big hair chop. My hopes were to make my hair look thicker. It helped a lot, but I’m always on the lookout for a product that will make my hair look even thicker. I read an article from Glamour the other day about Kaley Cucou’s even shorter new hair. While I love looking at celebrity hair, I get a little frustrated because I know that I can never replicate the look. I asked my stylist about thicker hair that I saw in a photo, and she said that it all came down to products, and that kind of volume would never last.

Little did she know that the article about Kaley Cucou’s new hair would unlock that secret for me!

The secret is Kenra Professional Platinum Dry Texture Spray. I bought mine from Amazon because I wasn’t sure if I would find it at Ulta.

texturizing spray


I used a volumizing mousse when I dried my hair. The after shot is just a few sprays of the texturizing spray.






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  • I need this. I’m recutting my hair on Monday. I’ll have to order some!

    • Oh, I want to see pictures!

  • Love your hair cut! My issue is humidity because Florida is saturated with it and it poofs / frizzes my hair bigtime! Moving to Georgia isn’t going to help unfortunately. I need to find an amazing anti-humidity product.

    • Oh yeah, you will need something for that. My hair gets frizzy when it’s long and damaged, but when it’s short, it need volume!

  • I must say, I’m intrigued about this product. My hair is super fine and thin, and I literally try almost any product if it promises to add volume. This one really makes your hair look great, but I love the cut anyway!

    xo Jackie

    Something About That

    • Thanks!! Yeah, I noticed today (dirty hair day) that when I sprayed it, my front pieces even got a little wavy, so I was really happy. Now it doesn’t have to be stick straight every day, plus I don’t have to spend 30+ minutes with rollers!

  • I LOVE KENRA! It always smells soooo good! And my mom swears by their hairspray. I personally prefer the gloss serum. And I will trade you my super thick, heavy hair any day! Also, I’m thinking about chopping it off….

    • I know what you’re doing right this second!

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