Summer Hair Cut & Color

A few weeks ago, I was browsing through Bloglovin and saw a cool post on a hairstyle for short hair. Then I saw someone’s post about how they haven’t changed their hair in 8 or so years and they included some possible new ‘dos.

hair 1

Of course, that brought back my short hair itch. I’ve always had hair on the shorter side. I did a big chop in 2009, right before my internship in DC. I was at my lowest weight ever and thought a new, shorter cut could show off my confidence. I think it worked.

short hairSince then I’ve tried long hair twice–only to chop it off, twice.

This weekend, I went to the salon, not only to shop off all of the frizzy hair that took so much time to style and still look messy, but to add some highlights. The last time I highlighted my hair was high school, when it pretty much turned red. It was that short flipped out look. I thought I was cute.

hair process

I don’t remember highlights taking so long, but after 3 hours in the salon, I couldn’t be happier! It was a great self-reward for meeting my halfway goal to getting back to my college weight. I’m a little afraid of gaining it back if I get sick again, but I’ve already been through hell, and as another person with Cervical Dystonia told me, she would rather be a skinny lady with a funny neck instead of a fat lady with a funny neck. This woman, a great friend on MyFitnessPal, has lost 65 pounds with Cervical Dystonia and continues to encourage me daily. When you have something like I have, it’s hard my make real life friends with the same condition, not only because we are hard to find, but also because no one ever seems to feel well at the same time!



hair 3

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