How to Build a Raised Garden Bed

I would like everyone to welcome my super talented and super amazing husband to the blog! He’s written this guest post about a pretty sweet raised garden bed that he built in our backyard!


anne and tom dancing


So, let’s get started!

raised garden bed


Last summer I lived in a townhouse that had nothing more than a small concrete patio for outdoor space. That didn’t stop me from growing some tomatoes in some pots.


After moving into my wife’s townhouse after we got married, I wanted to take my gardening to the next level. I set out to build a raised garden bed in the back yard.


Sad puppies lost some space…


After consulting several guides online and measuring out the space in the back yard, I decided that it needed to be 9 feet by 3 feet. As far as building supplies, I got:

  • 6 2x6x10 boards
  • 1 4x4x6 board
  • Wood screws

I started by digging up the area where the garden bed was going to go.

step1 step2

I then cut a couple pieces of the wood to make sure everything was level once the bed was in place.


Since the sides of the bed would be 1 foot high, I took the 4×4 and cut them into 1 foot pieces, with an angle at the end so I could hammer it into the ground. Once all the pieces were cut, I started screwing everything together.


I got some special fabric that’s supposed to keep weeds from growing through the bottom of the bed, so I lined the ground with it and put the bed on top.


The next step was filling it up with dirt. I ended up getting about 12 bags worth.


After the dirt went in I started putting in my plants.


And now we play the waiting game. I put in 6 tomato plants, 2 squash plants, 1 zucchini plant, 2 bell pepper plants, broccoli, brussels sprouts, some basil, mint, and cilantro. I have doubts about some stuff surviving, but I’m certain I’ll have more tomatoes than I’ll know what to do with.


finished product

Isn’t he amazing? I can’t wait to have fresh vegetables from our raised garden bed. The picket fence not only looks cute, but it keeps the wandering Shih Tzus out of the garden! They’re very curious. We had one break-in before Brian was able to fill all the gaps.

Do you have any awesome summer projects planned?

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